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  1. We had to stop giving out free cookies though. They got pretty stale.
  2. TODAY ONLY FREE BLUEBERRY WAFFLES! for every new applicant.
  3. I don't think they're so stupid as to dilute their ww2 tank game brand.
  4. This or GTFO of my thread. dunt u fkn funnies my l33t bruh. maybe if you came to hang out once in a while we wouldnt have all this sexual tension building.
  5. You two got what you two had coming to you two.
  6. Moc13hi.gif

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    2. cpraf104
    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      he does not have to deal with 25% RNG on all his shots....

    4. KingYoshiLuca


      I need a script to write that

      oh look I have G Buttons on my keyboard.

  7. nintendo zapper glocks no worky against tanks.
  8. I miss you so damn much. It breaks my feels to know we is apart!
  9. Evil genius seeks minions to sacrifice their lives in world domination attempt. Must be prepared to work 24-7 for fascist psychopaths for close to no pay. Messy death inevitable but costumes and laser death rays provided. No weirdos. Basically the job involves turning up, farming tears and not being too serious. Which as an aside, is something people at AWFUL should learn one day. Unlike our esteemed political leaders there are no taxpayer funded perks to go with this job. We wont pay your rent, clean your house or fly you all of the world for free. However you'll be welcomed and loo
  10. Cookie doing this. Resulted in this. Any questions?
  11. What dont you get? Obama hates black people. Case closed.
  12. The suggestions in this thread are rip. Hurricane, I probably have a proc and mobo you can have. Wont be the newest shit, but you can focus some money on getting a vidya card and psu. Bring beer.
  13. As much as I dislike a complete clone being made, I am eager to see what Armored Warfare brings to the table.
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