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    Bought it yesterday and played a bit side-by-side with 430U. 430 is just better in every way expect HP and gun depression and I feel like better armor on 430 will at least almost cover the HP difference. Gun on 113 feels way worse, even though it has better final accuracy all the other stats are so much worse. I see no point playing this if you have 430U, especially considering designation, other one is heavy and another one medium so you get matched against mediums and not Type 5's, IS-7's etc. Funny thing is that as a bonus to go with best-in-tier armor 430U also seems to have better camo th
  2. I don't agree with arty getting a lot of XP, stunning doesn't seem to give much. Tried T92 for a few games but it's not working very well at least for me. Conqueror seems to be the safest choice, Object 430U has been working ok also. Bringing a healthy number of HE seems to work quite well with Conqueror also, many times there are slow engagements where no one can really pen anyone, and then you can at least do something while waiting the game to move on. Not surprisingly anything with zero armor doesn't work, tried Grille and 50B a few games for fun, but doesn't seem to make much sense to pla
  3. Just going to say, went to test server and tried T-100 with improved vents, improved optics and optics directive + all crew skills and food of course...not sure what final VR was but it was hilarious to play Things you can spot without getting spotted. Within maybe 20 games had at least one over 10k assistant damage game and average assist almost 3k Obviously test server environment helping, only full tier 10 games and no one really trying but was fun still.
  4. Obviously there will be downside, there are many ways to balance this. Of course they will not balance it like a normal autoloader and then give it this new mechanic also. It will have lower DPM, penetration, worse gun handling or something to compensate the advantage it gets in loading shells one by one.
  5. Not surprising, your comment was stupid on so many ways. First, it's wrong. As long as winner of physical activity is not decided just by raw power, women can match and win men in many sports. Second, hello, it's a fantasy world! Last time I checked in SW world physical aspects don't really define the power of individual. I don't see many people complaining how Yoda can fight and win much bigger men even he is so small.
  6. No not really, at least we haven't used them in a long time. Maus or Type 5 are just so much better as superheavies, and if you want support tank there are also a lot better options.
  7. Nice, what kind of combined you need for that? Just bought this few days ago, only 10 or so games so far...probably one of the most map dependent tank in the game I guess I really felt completely useless on few city maps, but then on open maps its hilarious what you can do. Also extremely high skill floor and ceiling, difference between knowing what to do and not knowing is really really big...I guess server average damages on this are not very high, but top players are doing really big numbers.
  8. Answer to most problems, this included: disable XVM. Then you have more time to focus on game and not who have good stats and who doesn't. I have no idea how often I get outplayed in randoms by good players and how often by bad players, but in SH/CW thing is that you should not be afraid of good players. If you do that, they already have a big advantage over you. In a larger scale that it what happens when inferior team faces better team and decides to camp in one corner because they see big numbers in XVM and are afraid to do anything...sure way to lose.
  9. Yes of course it is choice to make, I don't have optics even on all T10 meds. But my point is, that there is no reason to pick exactly 445m as a "enough" VR as you don't spot anything at max range with that. Just as well you could say that 435m, or 455m, is enough, it really just depends on what you want to do. Personally I would not say that 445m is enough, difference you get with something like 480m is really noticeable.
  10. I don't understand why 445m would be the magical limit. With 445 VR you only spot tanks with zero camo at max range. How many tanks in the game have zero camo? Exactly...which means you spot nothing at max range with 445 VR. How much more you need depends on what you want to spot, but you do need more to be able to utilize max spotting distance.
  11. AFK panzer looks cool, and kind a interesting also. Just not sure if accuracy, pen and dpm are enough to make tank competitive with that alpha...just wish it would have a bit more DPM, could even do with less alpha. Give it like 115 alpha and 2,5s reload
  12. Why exactly GB battles would require more ammo? Yes there are more tanks on enemy team, but there are also more tanks shooting them. Average players should not need anymore ammo.
  13. No you should not assume lowest possible roll for you and/or highest possible for enemy. If you do that, you will not make trades that are favorable like 99.9 % of times, and that is just stupid. Unless it's very specific situation, it's best to assume average alpha, because in the long run that is what you get. Specific situation could be for example two tanks with say 400 hit points against one-shot IS-3, and you have a possibility to take hit and kill IS-3, or wait a bit for your teammate to join you. In that situation there is no reason to not play it safe. But then if we say that it's 2v2
  14. Doing your own hit points of damage is actually way above average already on most tanks. Maybe aim for a bit more for TD's, and perhaps even a bit less for lights but more assistant. You can use DPG as a measure of how you are doing, but I don't see point of taking it as a goal on individual game level. Why would you not aim to do as much as possible each game? It's not like you should stop playing after you have reached you damage goal in certain game, or you should be disappointed if you don't reach it if you have done everything you could have. What is good damage also really depends on the
  15. Yes, I don't see why IS should have any chance against E-25 1v1 on open map. On most maps IS has a lot possibilities to impact game before that. Same goes for lights, they should be very good in the late game. If buffing lights make some tanks obsolete, then it happens, I don't see it as a huge problem. Same has happened so many times already, buffing some tanks makes some other useless. And to be honest Leo is already so obsolete that you barely see them in the games.
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