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  1. I keep going to write something in the thread about the CW prize tank. They I realise that not a single shit will be given by any of those retarded WG turds that have destroyed what was once a good game and community. Urge to do a Pyro/JOC/Feet/FG is increasing. I wonder if I plead with NA and tell them that a paying customer on NA is better than a non paying TKing fucker on SEA.
  2. Bet Tan the cock smoker took it down. When are the useless fucks that run this server gonna realise that criticism from veteran players is needed to further improve the game. They are often the ones with the best ideas on how to balance gameplay for the better
  3. Update on the progress of the FLAPDACOC alliance. The far east and western red sections are all that remain of the Viet clans on the map. These are the timezones least accessible to the coalition east being too early (around 4-5pm) and the west well past midnight. The clan FLEX and LUCK are doing amazing out in the late western time zone. Clan VM (a Viet clan) turned traitor and offered peace to FLAPDACOC after getting pummeled off the map stating they would help attack a persistant clan that had been eradicated from the map and allowed back on by PBKAC's awesome Tonks ability. Pre
  4. Counterflak, on 17 February 2015 - 01:50 AM, said: CW map locked? Must be patch day! I'll just.. LOL nope. I guess it's time for the... FLAPDACOC Map Update From this in late January... (RIP BALLZ DAY #PutoutyourBALLZ, 21/1/15) ..To this, just 3 weeks later (12/2/15) And now, with the release of 9.6 I present the current "global" map. This map update brought to you by GATO; it's Spanish/Portuguese for cat. ​
  5. Counterflak, on 12 February 2015 - 04:20 AM, said: Funny you should mention that Ezz, here's a visual reference. Global Map circa 21/1/2015 (aka RIP BALLZ Day) (Souce) Global Map as of 12/2/2015 (Same legend) EDIT: OP edited to reflect VPA sympathisers using similar clan colour. ​a visual representation of what the map was like There is now even less red and yellow. Green represents the coalition.
  6. Small update for people that don't want to read the thread. The coalition now owns 47 provinces and has kicked off the match rigging clan VPA. DPS (arguably Asia servers top clan) monstered into them and swiftly wiped the floor with the cheating scum.
  7. For anyone interested in reading about the current bitterness on the SEA server. http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/51633-flapdacoc/#topmost Basically after the cheating and rigging that certain clans have been doing a huge group of people (26 clans) have banded together to kick off the clans that have been sitting and farming on the CW map. There is a lot of bitterness on the Asia server at the moment mostly aimed at Vietnamese clans after a few of them have been shown to have cheated in CW3, using warpack and rigging personal missions. This campaign is not aimed at
  8. Wonder if I've been banned for rigging? Wargaming just need to make the penalties quite harsh for obvious rigging. Like total reset of all mission completion and loss of all rewards (tanks creds etc) I'm still on a hefty in game ban apparently for insulting someone quite severely. The Asia server does have a very delicate population
  9. This guy needs to be investigated http://worldoftanks.asia/community/accounts/2003459902-briscom/ 43% overall winrate with multiple tier 10's with sub 40% win rates. Had a game where he was actually playing in a T57 and did 800 dmg checked his stats post game and laughed so hard. Messaged him and got a get fucked report yourself reply. This is the problem with WG bot detection this person has clearly botted to multiple tier 10's but now will unlikely get caught has they are playing the account really really Shit though
  10. Pubbies can not be taught.... ever. They can only ever be punished by abusing mechanics they will never understand. Or simply Yoloing into them and using auto aim while they sit motionless in their kv4 trying to turn their turret to keep up with your med tank.
  11. I just came back after about 5 months. Free exp'd to the bulldog and love it. It's a crazy OP tank as I got 1300 raw exp and only got mastery badge 1st class. I'm sticking to the oldies but goodies like the T29 to get back into it. Also platoon up and get carried like a publord
  12. Wow I don't even. I see this in serious discussion but are you really serious? Did you think that maybe you should change your playstyle instead of just wanting to camp and click.
  13. I tried playing the cello last night and couldn't understand why it sounded horrible. I'm so confused
  14. Sorry Zynth haven't yet grasped the ability to carry in tanks and still type. Was too focused on trying to carry. The sperg Lord arty player was funny. Typical pubtard thought he was top Shit for killing my 300HP tracked light tank and thought a statement from me that arty is gay equated to raging. Sperg Lord died doing only 500 damage while I topped our team with 1700 in a freaking light. Publords how I missed thee Does this mean I'm Asian now? No wonder I feel like eating some fucking fried rice
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