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  1. 1.7 million for 3000 sq ft on 2 acres? That's cheap. You should check out Burlingame, California.
  2. GN's 105 sounds for the E50 are awesome too. Think I might put that sound on my Batchat gun.
  3. Been seeing you all online quite a bit recently. Good to see you all around.
  4. Didn't you apply to Kimbo like 2 days ago, or am I thinking of smebody else? No bulli, just wondering. Foxey is a great group though.
  5. This thread needs scantily clad women. And by women I mean women. Not half-women half-fox 12 yr olds with dinner plate eyes that have self-esteem issues. I may post some.
  6. Picu's War Thunder gun sound replacement for 155 and 183mm weapons. The other gun sounds in the pack are meh but those two are crystal clear, loud and devastating sounding. Gnomefathers sounds for the 155 are sweet too, but the 183 sounds like crap.
  7. Called a guy a low-rent shitbird and I got called a racist and was reported. Ummm....
  8. Who/what is Rel_O? I've seen a lot of them ingame as of late.
  9. OP, you could also drop having your own clan and join a clan that helps players build skill overall. Once you grow as a player, you'll be able to be more selective with talent you choose to recruit and people will approach you. Also, don't recruit ingame with the "If you're over 18 and want to join a clan, pm me after the game." That stuff draws shitters.
  10. That's not too gay. I'm 22% gay. Half of your gay probably comes from anime.
  11. I should be a scrub for Limbo. What's up? Lol
  12. I got the $70 pack. Seemed like the best deal and the fact they listened to feedback regarding arty was huge for me.
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