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  1. Totally worth the -700k credits and the many near-tilt experiences


    Yi8kiiV.jpg~5000 dpg over 21 games to go from ~87% to 95% 

    only 57% winrate for the session though FeelsBadMan

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    2. Megrin


      Am I the only person having better time in a 140 than 907?:feelsbad:

    3. Rayderx


      omg m8... nice job

    4. Vindi


      oh ffs and I'm at 69%:facepalm:

  2. lol finally


    does anyone know how many people have 3 marks on tvp in NA?

    1. Zepherex


      nice job friend :D

  3. what is his wglna name? i didnt see dealth so i guessed PermaBlue
  4. tfw you say you dont have a t8 cuz you don't want to show for CW or play this game anymore
  5. Oh true true. When we first started playing together I wasn't actually that much better than him though.
  6. I think it took me about 6.5k games to get to purple, but I dont remember exactly.
  7. I got good quickly enough that literally every pubbie ever is convinced that I am a reroll.
  8. Kind of to add on to what Carbon said, make sure that wherever you go you have an exit plan that you can use to bail immediately and (hopefully) get away from the flank without taking damage. Having even a general idea of how to get out of an area will make your reactions that much quicker when your flank does start to fall, and it will save you that much more HP for use later in the game. Also, you never want to take damage for nothing, and you never EVER want to take damage for nothing early game. Be careful choosing what positions you try to take, especially positions that will require you
  9. At 1025 games I had 770 wn8 and a 46.73% winrate. I had discovered stats very recently, and with the new focus on improvement I was able to bring myself up to look like a bad reroll. However, my 42% winrates in the t67 and the Churchill will forever be a tribute to my original pubbie state.
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