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  1. Once my account gets unbanned... I've trained 50 + personal students and 4 clans. What kind of training are you looking for? Individual training? CWs? PM me for more info. Of I could just hop in your TS
  2. Lol... i just dropped 98 overall points... welp... 5 months worth of padding The T-62a in attempt tp 3-mark it... down the drain...
  3. Greetings Wotlabs Community. Some of you may know me from the normal World of Tanks Forums, but since I am very new here I will introduce myself as N3RV3, also known as "The Captain". My main purpose of joining the Wotlabs forums is I heard that I could actually gain more knowledge than what I already know here. Please, I am not a superb player so don't expect much of me. Thank you for having me here. If you have any questions (anything besides arty) then feel free to ask. N3RV3 <o
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