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  1. EU - just started running it now. Remembered that I should install it after getting Himmelsdorf 3 times in a row in 12t
  2. X3N4 farming fame like crazy...

    1. X3N4


      farming my recent down during this campaign... With long enough breaks teamplay is actually really nice

    2. Siimcy


      only doing this, my wn8 will be ebola by the end Kappa

  3. I'm playing EU from South Africa and 200-250 is stable. You get used to it. The light clipping 60 across the field is going to be a bitch, but most things are OK. With the increased randomisation within the aim circle, I'm finding that weakspot aiming can get a bit hairy when there is a ton of movement, but overall, practice makes perfect. I reckon if someone gave me a 50ms session, I wouldn't hit a single thing.
  4. I have a WoW Cataclysm one, but shipping from South Africa will probably be more than just going out to buy one....
  5. Very very nice. The only thing I changed is base color (blue/orange) and adding player name above allies (for stronks).
  6. Week and a half aimtime, such depression, such hull armor. so basically, find a foxhole, and pray you dont EVER have to move the turret.
  7. Anyone have a serious suggestion for a more unforgiving color scale? 50% = green is not my idea of correct. Plsno <65% <2800 = Red BS...

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    2. PrivateBert


      Taking the "overall" is flawed anyway. Would paint me yellow, when most of the tanks I started the last 6 months I play on purple level (on average).

    3. Cpt_Squirrel


      I only use WR in the normal player panel, WN only as fallback in stats window. Just tired of seeing a see of green and realising they're all at 50/51% after 24k

    4. no_name_cro


      NmBioek.jpg This is how my scale looks like.
  8. Life is too short to run WoT without AutoAim+

  9. Type 64. What equipment for stronks?

    1. FreddBoy


      Optics, rammer, and vert stab. (if you can mount it). If not, third is usually GLD.

  10. IS-2 worth buying? Want Rudy and CrommyB, debating bundle or buying separate. Ignore math, just based on tank...

    1. Lockhart77


      Yes, think of IS, but with more cred making capability and all other prem benefits but without the pref. MM

  11. EU can haz SU-122S? Pl0X WG.

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    2. TheEmptyLord


      we will get it in a separate overpriced bundle

    3. Medjed


      It's yet another overpowered piece of shit with the intention of a quick money grab

    4. Cpt_Squirrel


      "overpowered piece of shit". Am I missing something?

  12. Best T6 light? Need to start playing them...

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    2. rojo180


      All these people know about the F A S T B O I S

    3. Everson_Sinclair


      oh yeah type 64 for sure. I like it better than t37

    4. NoobestNoob


      12t is funny but harder to be consisten than T37. I kept mine

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