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  1. Kru! Good to see you in the clam. Great job getting your stats up, looking good man! Also, clone is a smelly man
  2. Xen was a great pickup and definitely gives some credibility to the EU clan. Hopefully he can give some great insight into helping our EU counterparts
  3. We're always looking for new players! Especially ones who are interested in being Field Commanders
  4. Kurt, If you decide to keep some tanks! And manage to keep away from all chat
  5. ew haggis! yum bacon For anybody who doesn't exactly meet the player minimum requirements stated and is still interested in joining, please don't hesitate to log onto our Teamspeak server and look for people to platoon with. There are plenty of people who are ready to platoon with you and are willing to help you improve and/or put in a good word for you TS Server: http://quickybaby.com/free-teamspeak-server
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