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  1. Sorry to keep some of you guys waiting mates let me know via pm if you are still interested mates
  2. We are not expecting you to leave your current clan, but act like external trainers that come in and teach some things. In our community we have a policy of no Bull sh1t behavior so we do not have those that muck around and the ones that do are kicked. We have a big waiting list for people to join us, so most behave. You could expect 10 - 30 in the training room and certainly 30 most training rooms once you have become well known.
  3. Hello Ladies and Gents, I am Sir Havoc, I run World of Tanks University which is now 8 Clans, 6 on the EU and 2 Clans on the NA. We are looking for those that would like to share some of there knowledge and experience to new and inexperienced players. It does not matter what level you play at or what score you have, if you have something to teach we will happily work with you. We are not expecting you to leave your current clan, but act like external trainers that come in and teach some things. In our community we have a policy of no Bull sh1t behavior so we do not have those that muck ar
  4. TwitchTV Giveaway 180 Days Premium, AMX CDC, T-54 Mod 1 The Road to Tank Fest Free Tier 8 Premium Tanks & Premium Account Time Hello Ladies and Gentle Peoples, I would like to announce a series of giveaways leading up to Tank Fest. The giveaways will take part on my Live Stream so you will need to be there to take part, however there are some other conditions but first lets take a look at the prizes. 28th May (Tonight) 30 Days Premium Account time DONE 4th June Thursday Tier 8 Premium T54 Mod -1 11th June Thursday Tier 8 Premium AMX CDC 18th June Thursday 180 Days (6 mo
  5. 5k Subs Celebration 30 Days Premium and 1000 Gold Giveaway!! Free Gold, Free Premium, Free Tanks! Hi Guys we have some great prizes here, I wanted to do a 5000k Sub giveaway but the jump from 5000k to nearly 8000K happened in just under two weeks. With Tank Fest coming I wanted to do an epic giveaway to celebrate Tank Fest AND nearly 8000K Subs. You Guys have been great, Thank You and please enjoy your prizes!!!! All you need to do is watch the video below, count the giraffes and put the number in the comment section.... only one condition be a YouTube Subscriber (this is free) Goo
  6. Hi Peeps, My YouTube focuses on how people can improve their game. I recently had a few members ask me about the things they could do to save credits, this happened shortly after I had posted a thread all about 'is WOT a pay to play?' this thread was hugely constructive and some of the things mentioned their along with the questions of my clan mates inspired me to make this guide. I really hope it can help you guys!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZXWspezBh8&list=UUYn6nC-RSPDBKmJOV65SNGw
  7. what about the top 10 light tank tier 8 players?
  8. top ten scouts in the game???.... Go/....
  9. Despite all the Tazilon is the reason why I got 3 marks on my VK2801, he went of to play Arch Age and now hes back, He is getting his tutorials and website back under way
  10. Hi Guys, (my WoT Hero) Those of you old timers out there will know exactly who I am talking about. Its Tazilon the king of Light Tanks and Scout Play!!! Tazilon (my WoT Hero) came by my Teamspeak for a surprise visit and we had time for a chat before the stream kicked off.. if it interests you I posted it for you guys to hear.
  11. i am insta buying this tank too then crom is one of my fav tanks so this is a must!!!!!
  12. Hi Guys, WG gave us this video featuring the new Cromwell Berlin, we was not allowed to give out any facts and figures BUT this video shows you it on a drive around and I must say it loooks pretty damn sexy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZnkvK5AQDw&list=UUYn6nC-RSPDBKmJOV65SNGw
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PChoq6Hokd0&list=UUYn6nC-RSPDBKmJOV65SNGw
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkCV0BjLgeE&list=UUYn6nC-RSPDBKmJOV65SNGw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ5emCudEyI&list=UUYn6nC-RSPDBKmJOV65SNGw
  15. Hi Ladies and Gentle peoples!! The story so far..... I started this post back in August and since then it has became a little outdated so I thought I would redress it for you, but first please allow me to introduce myself. I am Sir Havoc, otherwise known as Pete or -APEFACE-. I am from the South East Coast of England, I am 33 years old. I have been with my partner Hannah for 9 years and together we have a little boy Frankie who is 20 months old and can sometimes be seen and heard in my videos. The turning point... I started making tutorials because I grew sick and tired of a BS att
  16. Skills and Perks are one of the only ways we can customize the capabilities of our tanks in WoT. For this reason your decisions one which skills and perks to choose will have a huge impact on your game and your score. In this series we look at: How to train and move and transfer Crews How to drop skills and perks Which skills and Perks are beneficial to certain Tank types. Please like and Sub if you glean something useful have a good day.
  17. New series out now guys, Putting it all together, taking the lesson learnt from the Beginner Series and putting into a nice neat package, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRY-vnS7GXc
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