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  1. Ok, ty bortass. I have checked out some of his videos which are helpful. I have several replays that I could definitely use some help on.
  2. Ok, friend request sent. Thank you
  3. Yes, sorry. I feel that I do good in my IS-6, Rhm, T-34, Tiger II and the KV-85. Thank you.
  4. I have been playing for about two and a half years now and even though I am doing better now than when I first started, however, I still have a lot left to learn. I am wanting to learn Heavies, Mediums, and TD's (I understand that many of you don't like arty so I will willingly stumble through learning arty on my own). I (to state the obvious) do not wish to learn light tanks (I simply view lights as something to get through and only wish to do good enough to get through them). I want to learn how to play the game. I do not want to learn to stat pad, raise my WN8 or to "farm" XP, I simply just want to learn how to play it. I will be in game this week Monday - Wed any time, Thur till about 6 or 7 pm, and Fir (maybe after 10 pm, not sure) and I am not sure about Saturday. All times are EST; you can contact me in game, in this topic, wotlabs forum messages, or WoT forum messages. Thanks, greenturtle407
  5. Wow that's weird. I would like to know how he got in there myself. lol
  6. Thanks for all the advice everyone. Greatly appreciated.
  7. It was in game, I did both (pinging the map and giving verbal orders) and there was still confusion. I think that the confusion mainly came from when players mostly were loading into game after the orders were given since orders were given in Skirmishes/Team Battles. I understand the whole time issue as I work 3rd Shift, real life comes first. Again, Thanks.
  8. Ok Flaksmith, we would love to have you. Sorry about the delay in response, I just now saw your post. The only reason that we went to it (and not everybody currently uses it) is because there were some confusion when giving orders between B and D and orders were not being completely followed due to the confusion. I thought that this would break up that confusion.
  9. lol RollerCoaster. Thanks for the laugh.
  10. Ok, Thank you both very much. You have given me something to think about.
  11. I knew that you weren't knocking me or my clan. I get what you are saying but I was just wandering how the bigger clans started out recruiting and if they might have some advice. Again, thanks.
  12. I get that people want someone to play with but every clan has to start somewhere and usually that is with one person. As for descent players we may have two different definitions in mind of what a descent player is. At you skill level a descent player is prob 1600 or 1700 WN8. To me anyone with a 1000 or 1100 is a descent player. Thanks for our advice though, I do appreciate it.
  13. Ok, Im not sure where this should go, so I posted it here. I have been trying to recruit for my clan NG2 for some time now. I have tried posting on the forums, asking select people after battle and I have tried recruiting in game (done that a long time ago and do not currently attempt that as of now). I was wandering what secrets that other clans have as to of how they are able to recruit decent players to their clans. Thank you, greenturtle407
  14. I would like to learn Heavy, Med and TD tanks. I am on Friday's pretty late usually. Saturdays are hit and miss with me.
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