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  1. So I took a break during the summer, resumed a few days ago, and my win rate just kinda sucks. IDK why, maybe different computer/graphic setting does make a difference, but its like the playstyle I had doesnt fit anymore? Or did I loose my instinct of catching opportunity in the game? And AW is coming out so should I just transfer to a new game? Suggestions?
  2. I play a lot of heavies so I am kinda experienced at playing slow tanks usually with T28 if you are top tier then just drive to the spot where all the heavy tanks fight (its ONLY 2 km/h slower than the BP and Black Prince was my first tier 7 so I am really used to that.....) and be your team's backbone at tanking and dishing out damage if the map is large then I guess there is no other option....just camp note: you can camp in a more forward spot than most TDs if there is low arty count simply because your armour's effectiveness at long distances
  3. I expected a lot from that tank but meh it just is not as good as I thought mobility => I rather have a medium armor => only good against t7 and below gun => tat penetration against E75s I rather take the tiger 2
  4. I think 241 is still alright...it really starts to get terrible when the pen drops down 235ish
  5. I suggest free exp until t5 where you can actually start working with some viable teammates--> fighting 1vs29 is always hard
  6. WZ120 is a piece of shit until you get everything, just like any other t9 medium tank
  7. Sound does not affect my performance at all for I play with my own BGM 50% of the time From what I feel probably only FPS and RTS games really require sound because in FPS you need to hear footsteps/breathes and in RTS the sound actually give legit information like "your base is under attack" and in wot your commander says "critical damage" when you damage your enemy's tracks
  8. For me, the key to reach high performance is symbolized by 1 word --> patience (and some risk-taking because if you do not take some risks then there is a little chance of getting games that are rated at 10k WN8 or above) Anyway, just be patient and STAY CALM at all times for it is only a game and you are only playing the game to relax/enjoy whatever it may bring to you, and when you feel truly relaxed and is able to stay calm after all those scumbag one-shots, your WN8 should start rocketing up, just like what happened to my WN8
  9. I think low tiers in any line are not really enjoyable (apart from a few "sealclubbing pro tanks") So I say yes skip the chinese one until you get tier 5 which is the T34, and the line is pretty good after that (btw if u are going up the medium line then it is suggested to go for the LT line over the MT one) and btw think twice before you buy the 113 if you ever get there...... not the best use of your coins
  10. CDC is fun to drive but the gun bloom.....sometimes I question if the aimtime is really at 2.1 seconds (or was it 2.2 I forgot but not much difference) because it feels like it takes forever to aim
  11. 131 is gud, 132 is outperformed in pretty much every way by T54ltwt and RU is just on the next level, not to mention how T49 can rock up to 4k WN8 easily
  12. If this tank makes through test server like this I will definitely buy it before it becomes the other type 59 that can now only exist in tournament prizes
  13. I think I found the new meta in MTs....... go up to enemy heavies, smash some HEs into their gun, retreat to 300-400m range and watch them struggling to hit the broad side of a barn BTW.... I did not get the "moving sixth sense to radio operator part" found something on Internet, but cannot do it myself in my garage
  14. trust me u do not know how many times I spent that expensive hesh killing targets with 300hp left...
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