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  1. New speakers and chair coming tomorrow. Hype status: Intensifying

  2. Fuck Asus for thinking black is a good color for motherboards. Why yes, I would like it to be as hard to see as possible while I put these expensive-ass electronics together.

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    2. Assassin7


      im hating on the classic green boards, they look ugly as fuck

    3. megaflex4000


      Yeah but they go inside the computer. Could be neon pink for all the difference it makes.

      Unless you're one of those people with a window in their case in which case lol.

    4. Raj


      OP please clean your room

  3. Gotta love how much of an effect skill has on your WR. 20% the last day I played, 100% today. Crazy how much better I am on tuesdays compared to weekends.

  4. Haven't had a good game of WoWS for two days. That patch day magic doing its work.

  5. Wait, going over 420 forums posts loses you the YOLOSWAG tag? Knew I should've stuck with #4204lyfe

    1. Evelyn


      Become a patron and tag yourself whatever you want.

  6. Finally got around to playing a game in my Campbeltown. 


    Who at WG thought this was a good idea?

    1. SoliDeoGloria


      The same people who thought the Gremy and Nikolai were balanced.

  7. Fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuck the Cleveland

  8. So I got attacked by a crow today. Is that an evil omen or does the universe just hate me in general?

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    2. megaflex4000


      Don't fuck with me guys. Crows are bad enough, if a cow lands on my head I don't think I'm ever going outside again. :P 

    3. TheMarine0341


      When I first read this I thought it said "Cow." I thought I was in for an epic story.

      Disappointing it was a crow. Fly Crow, winter is coming

    4. BlackAdder


      I immediately think about Sean Bean cow scene :D 


  9. Yeah, I'm done with WoT again. Good job WG, maybe I'll consider coming back when you put in a MM system like every single game has had for the past 5 years.

  10. Forgot how much fun 5x is. Just watched half my team go middle on Karelia.

  11. I had pretty nice 5x games last weekend. Regular 2x though? Hahahahahahahahaaa fuck you buddy - WG

  12. Typical friendly 5x games

  13. I was just owned hard in a salty after battle message: "Learn to reroll your account noob"

    Why yes, guy who has a 2% higher winrate after rerolling, let me just redo 2 years of grinding and drop a couple hundred bucks on premium tanks so my internet numbers can be slightly bigger.

    1. nemlengyel


      nah, it seems he just thinks you tried to reroll but failed to

      just your typical WoT player :wut:

    2. megaflex4000


      Nah, he was unironically telling me that I should reroll my account. If it was your typical "good stats must be reroll" type it would be less sad and probably not worth mentioning. This guy was legit proud of rerolling his account and playing a million games in his M41GF and whatnot.

    3. nemlengyel


      Holy fucking shit...

      That's a new level


    Some spaz is livestreaming the Rednecks vs FBI standoff and looking to commit suicide by cop.

  15. The only thing worse than quitting smoking is not quitting smoking. Fuck nicotine withdrawal.

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    2. megaflex4000


      I was making a decent start since the turn of the year, but I ended up getting hammered with my chainsmoking ex on the weekend and that was the end of that start. :P So now I'm doing the withdrawal again. Hooray to that.

    3. Armatus


      It's always worse when you're trying to quit and you have that one cigarette. Then you start up again like a madman.

      Might as well quit drinking while you're at it. For some reason it's impossible to resist a smoke when you have alcohol.

    4. megaflex4000


      Nah, I'd go nuts if I tried to quit drinking at the same time. Drinking in itself doesn't make me wanna smoke, but drinking with people who smoke is tricky.

  16. Goodbye 2015. You fucking sucked. Piece of shit idiot year.

    -16 better be better or I'm going to have words with whoever is in charge of this crap.

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