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  1. The only thing worse than quitting smoking is not quitting smoking. Fuck nicotine withdrawal.

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    2. megaflex4000


      I was making a decent start since the turn of the year, but I ended up getting hammered with my chainsmoking ex on the weekend and that was the end of that start. :P So now I'm doing the withdrawal again. Hooray to that.

    3. Armatus


      It's always worse when you're trying to quit and you have that one cigarette. Then you start up again like a madman.

      Might as well quit drinking while you're at it. For some reason it's impossible to resist a smoke when you have alcohol.

    4. megaflex4000


      Nah, I'd go nuts if I tried to quit drinking at the same time. Drinking in itself doesn't make me wanna smoke, but drinking with people who smoke is tricky.

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