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  1. WG was dumb enough to rebalance the M5 by removing the short 75mm that was at least kinda viable. They looked at a tank that (as far as I know) no one had a problem with and decided it should have no gun. What I'm saying is nothing is too stupid for WG.
  2. It's you. You are the weak link. Give your computer to someone more deserving and go live in a forest or a cave like filthy animal you are.
  3. Dishonored for me. Played it back in the day, wouldn't mind playing again.
  4. I've been holding on to some vague hope that T10 lights would be the thing that gets me back into the game for reals. However, looking at the stats(I know they're gonna change, but they do give an idea of WG's thinking) and the way map design keeps going I'm losing what little hope I had. I just want tanks that are fun to drive and can make fatties go boom. WG already has one like that in the game and it's called Luchs, but god forbid they do something equally cool for the high tiers. Nope, let's cram in some gimped mediums which are flat out worse on 95% of the maps.
  5. New speakers and chair coming tomorrow. Hype status: Intensifying

  6. I got real excited for a sec about there being a PC version of Soul Reaver but apparently it's a shitty port. And here I was ready to call you all shameful kids for not requesting such a classic. Anyway this was a cool thing to do OP.
  7. Merry christmas and all that good stuff. Here, my gift to you lot is the only christmas song worth listening to:
  8. Decided to come back after a long break. It's either a stomp in which you struggle to squeeze out whatever damage you can before dying, or a stomp in which you race to squeeze out whatever damage you can before the enemy team dies. Fun!
  9. Sex, drugs and delinquency are all good for personal growth though, unlike a million hours of Diablo 2. If I may serious-post for a sec though, I sometimes genuinely worry about the effect video games are having on the emotional and social growth of people. Shit's basically drugs, designed to keep you chasing the high of the next level up or unlock or achievement or whatever the fuck. I realize this makes me sound like an old fart(which I am), but when I apply any kind of thought to this thing beyond "RED TANKS GO BOOM WOOOOOO" it doesn't paint a pretty picture.
  10. Which is why a close as possible representation is often a bad idea. Things that work in one form of media don't necessarily work in another so when doing an adaptation you have to, well, adapt. I think turning old artwork into minis is a neat idea, but that SoB is a prime example of how not to do it.
  11. True, but it doesn't come across like that in the mini. Maybe it would work in a big diorama, but when you pick out one element like that it ends up looking silly. This is how you properly turn Blanche's batshit insane art into minis: https://www.pinterest.com/plxfaktory/john-blanche/
  12. Not to mention that the skull itself is on top of some carefully stacked bones, meaning that she had to take the time to pile them up because the enemies so rude as to not die in a convenient heap. Also lolling at the Mk4 Power High Heels. John Blanche is my favourite WH-related artist, but I think his style is a bit too crazy to be so directly translated into a mini.
  13. What can change the nature of a man who cries at video games? Personally I don't consider any single game to have been particularly transformative. In general though they made me learn english very early in life, but also did terrible damage to my social life back as a teenager.
  14. You can also combine two fun and morally commendable hobbies by stealing things while on drugs.
  15. This shit is just baffling to me. The tutorial is basically "hurr durr shooting tanks in the side is better" and nothing else. No real explanation of armour mechanics, nothing about vision except "bush do thing" iirc. How do they think it's a good idea to have all these mechanics without making any effort at explaining them to people? Sure people on these forums are spergs who will happily spend their time looking up info on the internet, but the fact is the vast majority of players won't do that and honestly shouldn't be expected to. Then there's issues with increasingly dumbed down map
  16. Any of ya'll fucks play this little gem? http://store.steampowered.com/app/418240/ Got it today and so far I'm loving it. Tactical squad-based stealth game, and not "you can sneak if you feel like it" stealth but proper "get spotted get fucked" stealth. Very reminiscent of Commandos except it takes place in ye olde Japan. You really need to plan your moves if you don't want to wear out your quickload key. Can't really think of bad things to say based on about two hours of gameplay. Graphics are pretty and clear while running perfectly smooth on my 5 years old piece of shit compute
  17. Fuck Asus for thinking black is a good color for motherboards. Why yes, I would like it to be as hard to see as possible while I put these expensive-ass electronics together.

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    2. Assassin7


      im hating on the classic green boards, they look ugly as fuck

    3. megaflex4000


      Yeah but they go inside the computer. Could be neon pink for all the difference it makes.

      Unless you're one of those people with a window in their case in which case lol.

    4. Raj


      OP please clean your room

  18. Thanks for the build. There's some pretty good sales available at a local store so I'm thinking of these components: https://www.verkkokauppa.com/fi/catalog/6a/Komponentit/products/1/?query=%23singlesday With the 1060 or 1070.
  19. Finland. Ordering from Germany is definitely a possibility, although I haven't looked into how mailing costs. Thanks for the tips, everyone. Overall would you say it'd be better to go with a 27" 1080p or a good 24"? She is willing to go with 24" and for her current apartment it's a reasonable size for movie watching purposes. 27" would obviously be preferable, but going up to 1440p is going to add to other hardware costs. So maybe grab a good 24" instead and tell her to buy a cheapo TV if she moves to a bigger place?
  20. Hello nerds. I'm putting together a new desktop for my GF and since it's been 5+ years since I put together my own comp, I'm totally out of touch with hardware. The maximum budget I've got for the whole rig (including comp, monitor, speaker and kb+mouse) is €1400, but the more I go under that the more likely I'm to receive blowjobs and free beers. Please help me in my noble cause. The computer will be used for gaming and movies. Not looking for maximum performance, but no cheap crap either. Looking around a bit I saw 27" monitor prices ranging from €250 to €1000+ and being the out of
  21. I had a good time in mine while grinding it. Used the 75mm gun and played like a crappy E25. After 58 games it ended up being my only dark purple tank. Would've kept it if I didn't have an E25.
  22. Anyone know if the containers for different XP values have different chances of being super? I haven't been playing much since the patch so I've only opened a few 2k crates and one 12k one. No supers yet.
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