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  1. So I have finally retired from tanks for good........... but even still find myself checking in here to see the going on's. Needs more dutch rudders and rants, dont go all soft now, maintain the rage!
  2. I have just sat watching a bunch of those 48 glorious replays. There is some funny screenshots to be made out of them for judicious use on the official forums
  3. Just the usual duck and cover more likely. Guess they dont want to end up like VAE/SVN etc and the many variations that have also dissapeared.
  4. Killed him early tonight in a pub in his T22. He was terrible, and thats saying something as I am so out of practise I barely know where to go on the maps.
  5. I thought that was pretty standard and didnt even need to be mentioned, just assumed? Gave up whinging about this servers shenanigans a while back and came to accept that there is nothing really ever going to be done about the bad stuff so stop giving myself grey hairs and just relax. Like work.
  6. So played after a few brews over the long weekend. I don't normally drink and drive when it comes to playing tanks but we have a number of successful proponents so how hard could it be I thought? Never again. I'm clearly one step away from orange. And a cheap drunk.
  7. Indeed - Road to Resistance is great. Going over there next month and bummed they are touring elsewhere. This is the peak of Japans metal scene though and the one band mikamikat has promised we will go there just to see whenever they play.
  8. I see chzwiz has put up another TD guide for tanks he is low 40% and mid 30% at. Slow learner after his last jp4 video on the sea forums.. Strangely enough there is a couple of tanks he seems to play well. But not tds. Not tds for him.
  9. Yeah we even have a known cheat and buyer of much gold dong who is still posting acting like nothing ever happened, not just a returning drunken delusionist! Surely thats got to show what a loveable inclusive bunch we are. * Still has me pitchfork and torch all handy.
  10. Everyone of those whinging halfwits is breathing valuable oxygen that could have been used by the rest of us.
  11. Its a giant golden (dong) joke. The people getting a ban getting more than 4 times as long as the people actually fucking the game up cheating/rigging and mass selling of gold during the rare times that Tan/WG actually do something between having ciggie breaks is just hilariously bad management. Its the fawlty towers of WG servers.
  12. Somethings everyone knows are wrong though ezz. Such as this case. It's like perving on your sister. You know its wrong but some people just don't seem to be able to help themselves and do it anyway. Bonus points if your Caitlyn jenners brother.
  13. I've always pictured siggy as Tom Hanks to my Meg Ryan.. Looks like a paddling on three things to me? Three stikes.. Never seen so much info on screen though, as an old bloke I'd find that much clutter distracting and hard to find where I typed cunt in chat most recently.
  14. If they got to watch Jocs videos from earlier today........... Brain explosions. But it is game breaking shit. Be nice if WG really is on the ball(s)
  15. Yeah he just happens to be from the same city, use the same qoutes complaining about the same things, have the same stats, same opinions and afk/drown himself in the same ways. Totes not ricko!
  16. Ricko still being true to form, think he would have learnt from losing his first account.
  17. Our lot seemed keen to go to 10s when CW started again but post campaign burnout blah got reward blah blah taking a break from too many as usual. And a lack of reliable clans to work with.as shown again by campaign 4.....
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