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  1. Greetings all you EU scubs! So as the title reads I am looking for more platoon mates on the EU server. I recently moved to Europe and started an EU account. My EU account is Boomers_life. I have about 900 games and am just to tier 6. I did purchase a IS6 and CDC so I have a few tier 8's. What I am looking for are some chill guys to hang with. I have joined two clans mostly to meet people and am not currently looking for another one. So if anyone is whiling to Toon please send me a friend request! Thanks Boomer
  2. Great game and you benefited from a bad T29 driver. So your only fault in this match was the AT8. He owned you. I would not have moved off cap. By doing so he was able to get around you. I would also have used a dead tank as cover rather than rushing at him. Beside that good game keep it up.
  3. Nice game not too many thoughts. Your initial position was good you were aggressive against the IS (who could not pen you for some reason). After you finished off the IS3 you shot at the super P and instead of shooting for the engine you shot the track. It was a miss and there was 300 more damage. after the IS3A was gone I would have shifted to the south. All that was left in the field was the Rudy and not much of a threat. Also by going down the hill you lost time getting back to help the other heavy. Word of advice you will never catch a CDC in a city map and by chasing him you were out of position to get the other tanks coming in. In the long run it did not cost you the match but may have cost you some damage. Also the T28 was going to own you if the other heavy had not shown up. Take an extra second and aim and it would have been different. All in all a good game. Good aggression and angling. You were lucky that IS did not shoot your turret or you would have taken more damage.
  4. Did the WN8 rates change? If so when?

    1. Fabunil


      looks like they changed it today or yesterday, I gained 40 wn8 overnight

    2. Goldflag


      nooo i back to recent baddie blue

      need to pad harder

  5. I would have moved to the 9 line without stopping. By stopping you give arti the time needed to aim. On the back of the hill there are places you can use to hide your hull and still get shots. In the middle ridge there are some rocks that can help hide part of your tank. Either way make a decision and go with it. You indecisiveness lead to little damage.
  6. I agree. I went from the 4s the the 6 and it was a huge difference in performance and battery life. If you like Apple stick with apple the 6s look good as well. Just an Fyi get at least the 64 gb. The other is too small.
  7. I am not the best so take this for what it is worth. "T-29 felt I was out of position the whole time" You were out of position most of the match. Once the match started you looked like you were heading to the 8-9 line then stopped to snip. You took a hit from arti then moved to hill. You should have stayed there and farmed some damage. By the time you drove around the hill most of the damage was taken by the IS6. My thoughts on how to improve. - Do not stop to get shots early keep moving. Learn how to fire on the move while zoomed out. This is hard to do and you wont land a lot of shots but it will keep you from getting hit by arti as much. - On cliff you needed to keep going. Don't stop in the middle for shots. On your mid range shots you do not have to wait for recital to fully aim in. This will save you a few seconds. - You had the dpm to deal with the meds in the middle you should have stayed and dealt damage there. yes you did 1200 damage but most of it was not critical damage. it was mop up. Now that being said this game was not in question as to who was going to win. T-34-1 acting scouty but was it the best way to play, low damage The game was 15-2 so there was not much resistance from their team. my thougths - great job spotting and keeping you gun active as much as you could. I would not have gone were you did but you contributed once you got there. Yes you did little damage but you put pressure on the other team. I tend to play the middle because of the opportunity to flex and flank. - You did good getting shots with poor gun depression. - if you wanted more damage once the med was gone you could have rushed the heavy and gotten 2 shots into him before the rest of your team finished him. You may have died but the game was won by that point. Not horrible damage but farmed mostly off a bad Jap heavy driver, should I have left him on low hp and gone east around hill. Got killed early getting kill on him. So you had good initial deployment but took early damage from the E25. Once the Jap heavy went down the hill he was taken out of the engagement. I would have stayed on the hill and dealt with the e25 and the other med tank. They were more of a threat to you than the heavy. That being said you needed to kill the heavy faster. It took you way too long to finish him off. Being a little more aggressive and hitting his rear would have freed you up for the other lighter tanks. Also once you drop into that bowel go all the way across. You took three shots from the E25 because you were over exposed. - Shoot targets you can pen. You took four shots on the Jap heavy that could have gone into the e25 or other med. Prioritize your targets according to treat to you and your team. the OI was out of the southern battle by going down hill but there were others still shooting you - Try not to trade health for minimal gain. You shot the OI but took three in return from other tanks. That is a bad trade. Applying pressure and not getting hit in return takes patience and skill. So those are my thoughts.
  8. It has been a while but can anyone analyze my game?
  9. Sorry I did not remember you, but I don't remember a lot of things. Things have changed a bit but I understand. Stop by for a few kicks and giggles if you want. And if you are in the mood and want to run SH skirmishes we would love to have you.
  10. So take this for what it is worth since my performance is not great in my FV4202. You played very passively and were the recipient of good spots by others. You at no point were the aggressor in any engagement. Yes you did 3000K damage and started a war of words with a player three time better than you and almost half of your damage came on light tanks not tier 10's. My observations: Initial deployment was fine but you did not play very aggressive when you got there. One of the greatest strengthens of the FV is its gun depression. If you had moved to the road coming up you can shoot the middle with little risk of return fire. If you had hugged the back side on the rock you could have hit without return fire from arti. Your tank seams sluggish. What crew do you have in there and what skills and perks do you have? Also don't get in a war of words with players that have more experience and preforms better than you.
  11. Coo here is the information. The last recruit completed the process in two days. Our JKLB Mafia-wide website: Please fill out an application (click the Recruitment tab) on the website to begin the evaluation process: http://www.jklmafia.com/home http://www.jklmafia.com/forum/m/18616700/viewforum/4994859 Come check us out on our TeamSpeak at ts3.jklmafia.com
  12. I cant find you on the NA server.
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