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  1. This is why I can't sleep at night, and why I want to hurt people. http://wotreplays.com/site/1852692#stalingrad-crookanator-m60
  2. Hahaha... oh god... Well since then! XP Forever RIP Defenders of the Line... That GIF though.... XD
  3. I've met a few people in my time who I feel personally have done terrible things to their tanks as far as crew skills, consumables, equipment, even ammo. I hope this post will help a lot of you clear up what I feel is a great way to get started. (Not going to claim my way is perfect). Yes this will be VERY Barney style. Everything covered is my opinion personally as to what has helped in my gaming apart from learning over time. Step 1. Graphics GRAPHICS. You may not think of this but certain things in the game, that are too shinny or even blurry for that matter, distract you. Click the Cogwheel at the very top left of your screen. General settings Click the box next to Dynamic Camera (it will be checked by default). Dynamic Camera is what makes the camera shake when a tank gets ammo racked near you, or you fire your gun.) Click the Graphics button on the top. Details ​Turn shadows off Disable "Grass in Sniper mode" Scroll down, and turn off Motion Blur Effect Step 2. Crew Skills and Retraining Train your crew members to 100% (for that tank) so you can train a crew skill. Crew skills help your crew do certain things better in your tanks. The crew skill you train will depend on the tank you play. In my opinion, it should go like this Crew PERKS like Brothers in Arms do NOT become active till they are fully trained. I highly reccommend NOT training PERKS for your first skill. Train camo/repairs, and upon reaching 100% retrain the skill to the PERK of your choosing. then restart that skill again. train camo to 100%, now you have 2 skills, retrain camo to brothers in arms 100% train camo so it is your second skill 0%) Heavy Tanks with 3 crew skills, (Brothers in arms, Repairs w/ 6th sense on the commander. Repairs on the commander and camo on everyone else.) You'd be surprised what camo does for you. Medium tanks, are the opposite. (Brothers in arms, camo w/6th sense on the cmdr. Then repairs/snapshot/smoothride(depending on vehicle and preference. Tank Destroyers, I'm not a huge TD guy but (BIA, camo w/6th sense. then repairs or anything else you prefer.) Light tanks should be outfitted about the same as medium tanks with BIA and camo first. except on the cmdr you can run Recon and gunner run Designated target. Arty (don't play it) LOL jking. (however on a serious note, if you are trying to raise your stats to join a clan. DON'T PLAY IT. Arty is too inconsistent and will destroy your WN8) Arty would be the same as TDs assuming you're running american (M53/55 or a british arty where you can run BIA). otherwise, just camo firstly, then whatever you prefer. If you train camo, the camo value on your tank goes up. This means it's harder for enemies to spot you. Train repairs, and you can repair your tank faster, when you get tracked or something in your tank gets knocked out. Repairs by default will never repair anything to 100% that is why you have a repair kit.(We'll go over that later) The numbers in percents are the crew skill, and how far along the skill is trained. When it reaches 100% the skill is max and you can start a new skill. If you wish to retrain crew skills, you can do so at any time. Right click the desired crew member Click Personal File Click the Skills tab If you have the little ( + ) next to a crew member that means they are ready for a new skill. Just select the one you want. Recently you can now "boost" crew members training in a skill, given you have the free xp (covered in step 5) to use. This Tab will pop up Now you can increase your crews skill Step 3. Loadouts and consumables . About the middle of your screen you'll find all these weird squares. This tells you what's on your tank. (in order of left to right.)modules you have on your tanks.(click on them to change the module, or purchase it. Can also be done in the tech tree) equipment you have on your tanks ("mods" if you will) ammo you have on your tanks consumables you have on your tanks Modules are the "upgrades" you can get for you tank. I personally will never play a tank stock. Playing a stock tank no "upgrades" only cripples yourself as you start with weaker guns and turrets as well as slower engines. Get the free xp and use it! (free xp will be discussed in step 5) Clicking the "service" button will bring up this screen. Here you can adjust the amount of ammo types you carry, as well as consumables you use. Only a few tanks will I run food, unless it's a CW battle. (Yes i know thats a lot of fire extinguishers, they were on sale). Also IMO never run more than 3-5 HE shells, you won't have many chances to fire HE, WHEN ITS USEFUL. (If you do want to fire HE at arty or a waffle, for you single load tanks, press 2 one time. Your next shell will reload to HE. For you autoloaders, except maybe the AMX 50 120 and AMX50B. do NOT run a clip of HE. sorry to burst your fun bubble. It's a waste of space, and I will laugh at you when you find me instead of arty or a waffle. Step 4. Depot and Barracks Under the battle button you'll find the Depot and Barracks buttons. In these screens you can see what you have as far as modules, shells, and crew members that are and aren't on/in your vehicles. Sort the depot (under the modules tab) Check not compatible with my vehicles. (SELL ALL THAT STUFF it = $$$$$$) ​​ Repeat those steps for the shells tab Under the barracks tab you can view all of your crew members or sort via the filters. The only thing to really do here is ensure you're not wasting barracks space. Dismiss everyone who is not at least 100% trained on that vehicle. i.e. he has the ( + ). (50% and 75% crews are useless as you can't train skills on them) Step 5. Free xp. What's that? Free xp is earned on "elite tanks". Basically, you've unlocked (with xp) every module and the tank following that one. Free xp can be used to either skip whole tanks lines up to the tier 10 in that line. I wouldn't reccommend this, as you want at least 3 skills on a tier 10 tank. Get the tier 8 and retrain the crews to the tier 10 once you have at least that. Free xp can also now be used to "boost" crew members training in a skill. (as stated in Step 2) These are the things I feel most important to cover oustide the game. Again these are all my opinions, I never said I was perfect. It's only what i've done that has helped me. If you guys liked this and would like to see other How to, forum posts or even videos. Let me know what you'd like to see and I'll see what I can do. Yes I have no problem platooning with you and helping you learn more.
  4. Leaving till this game is fixed. I.E bots removed, fail toons removed, arty removed

  5. Whenever that loser Zodiac gets on, or you find us a 3rd.
  6. Yeah, that was a bad start to a day. lol. The day did end well though
  7. If you need help with Tonks, post here for a breakdown of you game.

  8. So yesterday I decided to skip the POS T-34-2 and jump to the fully upgraded WZ-120.. And boy was that the best decision I ever made. The WZ-120 is a very expensive tier 9 and I do NOT recommend playing the WZ especially, or any tank stock for that matter. Here are some of my first few games. http://wotreplays.com/site/1602802#redshire-crookanator-wz-120 http://wotreplays.com/site/1602804#kharkov-crookanator-wz-120 http://wotreplays.com/site/1602807#stalingrad-crookanator-wz-120
  9. T-34-2 much good... very damage farming.. http://wotreplays.com/site/1597714
  10. So... like a month after the PM's came out I finally get heavy tanks 15, with honors to complete the PZ4 missions. In what tank you may ask? Well none other than the AMX 50 100 Yes I know I got lucky a few times. Maybe Rngesus thought it was my time to shine. Clip after clip was dumped into the enemy tanks,,, although not without a few head scratching moments.... "that bounced 0.o" http://wotreplays.com/site/1595995#fisherman_s_bay-crookanator-amx_50_100 Bruh...approve your own posts, you nub.
  11. I'm very down, if able. I have played previously with Pityfool and Sirderps Tier 8: T32 2 skills RHM 3 skills Cent1 3 skills RU251 3 skills AMX 50100 2 skills IS-3/IS-6 4 skills ISU-152 2 skills JPII 3 skills T-34-2 2 skills T-34-3 2 skills able to buy back T69 Tier 9: M53/55 1 skill (yes I have one) T54 2 skill E75 2 skill Jtiger 3 skill if retrained Can buy T54E1 if needed Tier 10: M60 3 skill T57 3 skill E50m 2 skill E100 3 skill IS-7 4 skill JPZ e100 3 skill STB-1 3 skill OBJ-140 4 skill
  12. So with the xp conversion and the winter mode I got into the chinese line finally and got the T-34-2. (The T-34-3) was my first Chinese tank. I recently played the 121 on the test server and it was literally love at first click. Had a pretty awesome match in my T-34-2 with the 100mm gun. I'll probably end up trying out the 122mm on it as well. http://wotreplays.com/site/1576622#south_coast-crookanator-t-34-2 Will post more
  13. Here are two replays of my recent recovery of previously sucking in the T-34-3. It was my first med tank, and I purchased it before I knew how to play very well. Recently I bought it back, and through persistence I think I'm getting the feel it if. http://wotreplays.com/site/1576579#serene_coast-crookanator-t-34-3 http://wotreplays.com/site/1576592#prokhorovka-crookanator-t-34-3
  14. This next replay is from a fellow wotlabs guy. He is playing on Siegfried Line in his T54E1. The loadout seems about right. When I played mine I shot pretty much straight prem rounds out of it. It has rather poor AP pen. especially when facing tougher tanks. Starting off in the north spawn, you head south towards your toonmate. Fair enough decision, however the route it seems you were going to take was very open. I assume you saw this and instead head towards the center ramp and stick to the wall as you get closer to the enemy. I would definitely praise this as the T69, T54E1 and T57.. are not generally known for their accuracy at range. I'm not sure here what distracted you, but you can see the T37 lit and heading your way. Either tunnel vision or something around you at home was distracting you and you didn't see this guy coming. When you do see him, you do turn turret and autoaim as I would have. However I might assume just in a rush to get the kill you fired before the "server reticle" was on the tank therefore costing 1 shot in your clip to miss. Don't rush as that 1 shell may just cost you your life. Try to wait until you KNOW that shot is going to hit. OR if you had noticed he was coming your way. you could have pre-aimed and waited for him to crest the hill. After securing the kill on the T37. You set your eyes on the IS. Good choice, however when you zoom in I can see how twitchy you're being. Either still rushing or just too high sensitivity on your mouse. Also, notice the IS just fired, after doing so he falls back into cover. I'd say the majority of the time EVERY tank falls back or moves in some way after they fire. If you want to do this to the IS successfully, wait until he pulls out and is aiming and focused on whatever tank it is he's trying to shoot. That's when you spring your autoloading trap. After a reload you do what autoloaders do best. Clip into a poor unsuspecting tank who is already engaged with someone. Remember that! In any quick mobile tank, especially auto loaders. Try to go after someone who is already engaged and focused. You'll usually get to do more damage without taking a hit yourself. However again, you miss the last shot in your clip because you rushed when you saw him pulling away. It happens more often than you think. Someone with an autoloader preaims but is still waiting for the next shell to enter the chamber. that last split second you try to get the shot off, but sadly miss. I would advise against doing this, as if there is even a 1 shot tank around the corner and he counts your shots... He could come kill you or do severe damage since you're on reload. Always do your best to make sure that you can reload in safety. After another reload, you finally get to be a bully to that IS. While you're clipping into him you see him aiming at you and move forward in an attempt to dodge the shot. He however never got the chace to fire. A good example of flanking on your part. However if you look at the minimap in the screenshot, you will see you are pretty deep in the city and you are within the crossfire of potentially 3 tanks. Granted your toonmate is near you, but He might be focusing that KV-4. This M103 was either counting how many shots you fired, or just didn't care and wanted to yolo you. You both exchange blows, you firing your last shot, except you now have a 30 sec reload. After killing that IS I would have immediately fallen back and run away. Even with the M103 chasing me. Try to track him and get away from him. Yes.. Aiming for the tracks might get you shot... But he will either have to burn his repair kit or let you get away. Not sure what your pershing buddy was up to, but it seemed like your team didn't want to help you at all with this M103... It also didn't help that you went towards a 1 shot St. Emil. Yes it is a friendly, however NEVER expect your team to be useful (mainly the greens and lower, although I have seen blue's and purples let people die) unless they otherwise prove. Try not to get into a situation where you're in a crossfire. Instead make it so the enemy is in a crossfire. You could have easily gotten 1 or 2 more clips off had you not suffered so much HP loss in the crossfire and died. Find more chances to flank or even just make a tank turn turret. If you and a pub are shooting at a tank from two different sides that tank has to choose one of you to shoot and and he'll die to the other. Pay attention to you map, and be AWARE!!!! use right mouse and look around you. Look for openings as you did with the KV-4 and IS.. However the IS ended up also being a trap. If your toonmate had helped you and you had gone to the corner to your left when the M103 first appeared, I think you could have either A. survived by not being in crossfire or B. made the M103 pay dearly for coming after you. If you are going to die, try to bait them into gettting rekt, themselves. Going into the corner.. the M103 I assume would have face hugged you, and if you had comms with your platoon mate he could start shooting the M103 in the side of the Engine and that St. Emil would of had ass shots. Granted, that is a lot to think about when you're in an engagement. Just put that idea in your head though and maybe it'll work out!!
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