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  1. Hey all Trying to decide if I should play more. I'm down to playing a few games during the week and still feel the old rage bubbling up again and try to keep it at bay. Working on my frustration mitigation techniques. I turned off in game chat and that has done wonders. Got rid of WN8 mods and only use Aslain's for bigger fonts and sharper colors, plus the cool garage mods and post battle screens. The biggest problem is that I really do fundamentally like the game and want to do well, but like golf, when it's good it's great bordering on orgasmic, and when it's bad it is soul crushin
  2. I'm running vents, rammer and optics right now. I think the driver has smooth ride, but I'll check next time I'm on.
  3. Ninja paint skillz! I think I remember someone saying, "You miss 100% of the shots you do not take." Got it. I'll put up some more games to day after work. Haz
  4. Hi Pitch_Black, I'll have to go back and take a look at the VK match to see where you're talking about, but shooting on the run with that tank and gun has been spotty at best. It's like the gunner is a Little League pitcher throwing wild curve balls all the time. I wanted to make sure that if I was going to fire, I was going to hit him. I've seen Zeven take snap shots all the time and it's a work in progress for me. The Cent I game, quite simply put, had me at a loss from the very beginning figuring out what to do. I kept trying to look at the map to see what was going on with the field kn
  5. Thanks Britzz. There is something I have been noticing, and it may be narcissistic, but there are many games that when I get whacked it seems the rest of my team goes down in rather short order, like my flank just folds very quickly. However, the longer I stay alive the more games we win. This may sound simplistic, but my team NEEDS me to stay alive. Do you find this as well?
  6. Thanks tons Britzz. Please don't waste words on sugarcoating anything. It get's in the way of really learning. I've read this through a few times and will watch my replays again when I get home. I like the formula thought process. I'm working with my platoon mates on GTFO earlier then we have been. This is my project for the week! Thanks again, Haz
  7. That's a bit of a shift in mind set. I'll give it a try on my lunch session. Thanks! Haz
  8. Thanks. My indecision was based on what had the most chance of doing something other than dying fast. I did the worst thing, I split the difference.
  9. I just played 3 games and this is what came out. A couple of 8's and a 6. My main problem with the first 2, I think, is what to do when you see a roll coming. I get that feeling of being overwhelmed and knowing that my gun can not do enough damage fast enough to stem the tide. Centurion I: On this map I saw how over matched we were in heavies and thought I could lend support. I saw no one going field and thought for a second that I should go help there, but I'm too slow and would get hammered on the way over across the stream. I then returned to my attempted support of the heavies in the
  10. Thanks for your thoughtful advice Rexxie. I'm watching Plotto on youtube in the Leo 1 right now and the problem is that it looks much easier than I know it is. The mediums are my style so I'm sticking with that and learning some of the nuances of their play.
  11. What I'll do is jump into my Pershing, Cent I and Indien Pz and knowing I'm sending them into be reviewed by the forum be awake, on point and giving my best effort. Then post them up and have you all tear them up so I can't learn and get my next "click" to get out of this slump and off to tanking gud.
  12. Thanks everyone. I should have done this much sooner.
  13. My routine over the last several thousand games has been to improve, plateau, improve, plateau, rinse repeat. What is concerning me is not chasing the numbers and stats, as I know that's not the way to go, but instead of a plateau it's an actual back slide as if I've forgotten everything I've learned so far. Maps I've known for the past year have been kicking my ass. I'll start watching different players and try to change the way I think. Thanks to everyone for responding. It was a tough weekend. Haz
  14. From what I'm seeing 7k games is way too few games and I should not expect too much from myself with that few games under my belt.
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