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  1. To preface, there's certainly no shortage of replays out there with detailed explanations to provide some kind of insight into the inner machinations of a purple pubby stomper's mind. However, being someone who's been making videos for some time now and plans to make a career out of it, I figured it would be applicable to combine my interest in WoT with some easy to understand visual aids, cause video is a very effective format to convey concepts and details in. But I don't just want to blow hot air into the wind without actually saying anything that most people already know or won't see much use in. So I ask some of you who are much more knowledgeable about this subject than I... If any kind of video resource could be made available for World of Tanks, presented in a pretty formal manner, what would you want incorporated into the script? What specifically would these videos go over? Addressed specifically at potatoes, unicums, both?
  2. That's what I'm thinking. I was under the impression 30 or so was when it relatively evened out.
  3. I'm getting there. My recent WN8 broke the green barrier about a week ago, and I'm aiming for the 1500 mark as we speak. One thing however, that I didn't notice until recently, was just how my win rate was in some of the tanks I had played up to the E4, my first tier ten. During those days, I figured win rate was just something calculated by the magical matchmaking machine, and that there wasn't really a whole lot I could do to counter-balance a team of derps. My view on that has matured. Now I understand the value of playing your very best in each match you go into. Sure, you're not gonna win them all, but you are the master of your own fate to a certain degree... Sort of? Take the T-43 in my numbers, for instance. Now, I would not call the T-43 a great tank for its tier, but that didn't keep me from doing well in it. After 155 battles, I have a 62% win rate in it. Nothing to complain about there. I platooned a lot with my friends, so that's probably a good explanation. Take the VK. 3002M, a tank that I eventually grew to love. Hardly platting with anyone through that grind to the Panther and 164 battles later, 57%. But hold on a second. The tank I've spent the most time in out of everything else was my tier X grind from the T30, 419 battles, is something I'm not proud to admit having a 47% WR in... Now I had a good idea of how to play the thing, but... hmm. T28 Proto? Well I could use it effectively; I got an ace tanker in the thing, but a 45% WR after 344 battles? My FCM 50t, a tank which I really like! Don't even get me started... 128 battles, 38% The Panther, a tank I also like, since its similar to the 3002M, 37%. This is really bizarre to me. it's as if whenever I'm grinding for a day, one tank I'll play the living heck out of will have an abnormally high WR and I'll inadvertently do the inverse for another. I'd like to figure this out, as I imagine by learning how to keep my WR will directly translate to improving my ability in the game. Is there anything really obvious I'm not aware of? Or is it just statistics (as in, the matchmaker's conclusion).
  4. Any replays I could take a look at?
  5. This tank is pretty close to getting me on the verge of pulling my hair out. I've been playing a lot of medium tanks recently in order to finish the Type 62 mission, which I'm pretty close to. Earlier I had unlocked the 3002M and fiddled around with it a little bit. I remember back then thinking, "Hey, this tank has some reedeeming qualities." Much time has past and I've found I do MUCH better playing flanking and brawling mediums or light tanks, and I've had a blast in the T-34-85 and Cromwell, hell, I don't even mind the T-43. So a sale came up on the NA server and I thought, huh, now's a good time to buy back the 3002m for the challenge. Dear lord. Pen is marginally better than most medium tanks at its tier. It's dpm isn't quit there with the Crom. And it's mobility is horrifically sluggish. I don't feel like I'm getting a whole lot out of this tank's armor for how sluggishly it handles. In short, whereas I can pad like a baws in the Cromwell and the 34-85, this thing is like a vampire. I've been told the tank plays a lot like the Tiger in the fact that it's a good sniping medium tank. Well, here I am, unsure of what to think. Is this tank really as bad as I think? What am I doing wrong here? Anything I should do to improve my ability at using this thing?
  6. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on this. It took me a long while to figure out that mediums and lights are a more natural playstyle for me, so I'm quite eager to put some of the new light tanks coming in 9.3 in my garage (particularly the Spahpanzer, *salivates*) However, it sort of left me wondering what plans on being done with the 13 90 or the WZ-132. Are they going to remain viable or become victims of power creep? Seems to me that the latter is possible, but I'd like more information before coming to a conclusion about 'em.
  7. Ah! Wouldn't be a big band without a good bone section.
  8. Jazz mostly. I play alto sax, but my strength lies in vocals. I plunk around on the guitar when I get the opportunity too.
  9. Good! I know a guy from New Jersey, though I'm not sure his opinion of it matches yours. Personally, I'm inclined to put West Virginia sucks on mine
  10. I'm a writer, musician, and gamer who dabbles in linguistics. With a good degree of patience, determination, and a bit of luck, I hope to make a career out of film direction and screenwriting following my graduating from college. Until then, there's vidyagames. Gaming arguably started for me with my dad teaching me how to play chess, which have forever kept my standards high when it comes to balance and competitive viability. That passion carried over. I'm the president of the chess club at my high school. How's that for nerd street cred? Unfortunately, my skills in chess didn't particularly translate well to the first of my many battles playing World of Tanks, but with a better idea of what my natural playstyle is like and how to play the game, I'm ready to put in the effort of getting them numbers higher. Take a moment to look at my numbers to the left, and when you're done vomiting, proceed reading this post. This seems like a mature environment, which is something sorely lacking in many online communities. I'm looking forward to a good time spent here on WoTLabs. Here's a gif of that computer kid giving a thumbs up.
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