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  1. Omg omg omg omg Sorry for my stupid enthusiasm fellas... but this is really the first time something like this happened for me! This is the 2nd bunch of 3 boxes I bought this winter (the other being in December... I don't have the best of wages AND I'm not keen on giving WG my money at all, but what the heck, the 3 box deal is dirt cheap)...and the fucking Borrat came in the 2nd box! 3rd box also gave me 3D style for E4, fuck yeah! Oh my bloody stars! At first I thought it was a tiny tier 5-6 shitter or whatever can drop out of them boxes... but then I noticed the silhouette. I literally shouted a FUCK YEAH alone in the house! Goddamn it, this really feels like winning the lottery with a pure blind luck. WarGayming really know how to market these things, because frollock me sideways, the giddy feeling is definitely working!
  2. Well... glad to say that so many years after my rant on the official forums against the Tiger 2, people have finally acknowledged that it was severely lacking in so many categories - and that WG FINALLY took the steps in fixing it. That 360 alpha feels like it's packing a punch, especially when tracking people around corners... also, having a turret that isn't lolpenned by everything feels like a godsent
  3. Fedaykin89


    Interesting parallel with the Tort, in my eyes the Tort's gun arc provides way more flexibility, allowing it to angle its armor and shoot around corners with impunity (nota bene: I really loved the Tort, managed to 3 Mark it and pretty much regret moving my crew 1 tier higher in the Badger... kept the Tort in my garage, since for me it was such a beast... so you'd think I somewhat master the skill of handling a lumbering, high ROF TD...) Maybe I'm too much of a potato to properly understand the meta, but IMO Skorpion and more recently the GSOR can flex/exert way more influence than the TS-5 (many times I end up having to push against them late game... NOT fun) So which positions/tactics would you suggest I chase in this thing? 2nd line support should theoretically work, but from my experience that means taking pot shots at people trying to push around a corner or something... getting into proper positions from where I can provide flanking fire is difficult, to say the least. As for watching QB... occasionally he puts up quite entertaining videos (and I still carry a sliver of hope that I can learn something from a better player than me - even though in this regard skill's channel is way more informative IMO)
  4. Fedaykin89


    QB in his most recent tier 8 premiums rating video has deemed this tank borderline OP/pay2win. Now, either he's been hitting the crack pipe lately (also highly recommending the IS-5, wtf?!) or I'm just a complete scrub in this thing (very likely) but... I find this thing almost impossible to play well! If you stay back and snipe, the crap accuracy will ensure that you will barely hit anything properly... but if you try & go HAM assault TD style (when top tier and just 1 arta), everyone hits your upper or lower weakspots (going hulldown is also a PITA due to poor gun depression) at close range... Sure I had some rare moments when I managed to perma-track some poor sod and om nom nom on his HP, but that really is the exception rather than the norm
  5. Fedaykin89

    SU-101 Wow!

    Is this tank played only by bots now or wtf? Just had a decent 3k damage game, mark of excellence went up by almost 1%. At this rate I'm gonna have one of the fastest 3 Marks in this game, alongside the IS-3 (Meanwhile, cries in UDES03... from 93% to 85% in a few sessions...)
  6. 43% Win Rate in this thing and no Ace Tanker... I must be doing something really wrong with it... especially since some years ago I managed 56% win rate in the T32 - and I feel I had way more fun in that thing, despite the horrible pen & accuracy
  7. Well to be fair, being salty and sarcastic was his shtick (I also find his rants entertaining as hell - for shits and giggles, you guys should look up his KV-1S video) and when I first discovered him it was a very large breath of fresh air, hearing someone having legit complaints and frustrations... especially after QB's very PC / family-friendly environment. Still, he was a damned good player from which I tried to learn some things (Mind you, I'm very much aware that there are even far better players out there and doing streams... it's just that I was never the Twitch / watching streams kind of guy)
  8. I find the armor to be quite tragic, tbh... especially after shooting at them during the Marathon I really expected that UFP to bounce more stuff, especially considering how sluggish it is... As for the gun handling - I'm an oddball, I really enjoyed the A-44 back in the day, so I don't really mind taking my time to aim my shots.
  9. Well... just decided to go a bit HAM myself and put on Improved Vert. Stab... I'm 1500 bonds short (kinda went on a semi-hiatus, didn't participate in FL, RB or whatever gives you loads of bonds these days, so only had about 8200 at the time being) from slapping on Improved Vents as well. Would still take this tank's gun handling over the Pz 58 Mutz... which despite having better overall accuracy, I'm really having a way harder time racking up damage in that thing (granted, it has 300 DPM handicap against the the 274a to boot... so much for lower dmg -> higher DPM rule) Then again, I only have 3 games in this thing and a few dozen games in the Mutz so far, so I probably slipped in some sort of weird, flawed meta in the German MT... but I still swear that farming people is EZ mode in this thing l.e.: with Improved Vents and no Food (because 1) I want to use this thing as a credit earning premium... and 1k shell cots isn't helping 2) don't wanna play around with the chance to be set on fire in a RU MT) I think I should be able to drop the reload under 7 seconds... if not, Rammer Directive should definitely do the job l.l.e.: no, I don't know why I'm drawing a parallel to the Mutz specifically... maybe because I tend to suck in it thus I dislike it - even though, by all stats, it should be all around the way more flexible tank
  10. Yeah... I think one of my first reactions was "didn't Skill say this thing is not so good, with standard equipment at least?" He kind of changed his mind after toying a bit with bounty/improved eq., but still...
  11. Just played a few games in this and... Holy crap, 2nd class for 1200+ something base XP, with 4.6k direct dmg and 1254 assistance dmg. 3rd class for 1021 base XP Yep... not gonna Ace this thing any time soon. And I can completely forget about 3 Marking it. So yeah... my first impressions (3 games in) correlate with these results... it feels VERY powerful and played at insanely good levels. MAYBE a 5k damage against tier 10s is good enough for Ace Tanker
  12. Does anyone have any idea if the anonymizer is ignored or anything by XVM or other third party apps? Especially recently? Because lately arty focus seems to be very real again - and it's not because I'm overly aggressive, I have at least 1 or 2 replays in which I'm obviously singled out while the enemy sky pig completely ignores the clusterfuck of brawling MTs 20m away from me.
  13. Well... when even some of the best (public) players out there have had enough... Mind you, he's not saying or bringing anything new to the table, we all know the major reasons this game is going from bad to worse... still, his epic plays will be missed!
  14. I... had no idea Since times immemorial I remembered that Recon = 3%, while Sit. Awareness = 2% Yeah, especially in such a flimsy tank I NEED to see shit around me... so I can yeet myself out sticky situations before it's too late Still... what to do about the gun handling? Like I said, ideally I would run it Vert. Stab + Rot. Mechanism, but...
  15. Bit of the same pickle I am as with the Mutz... Right now I'm running Rot. Mechanism, Optics and Rammer... is the Rot. Mechanism in the mobility slot a better choice than Vert. Stab? Or should I go back to using V. Stab?
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