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  1. Should add that the big gun is still lol good for HE spam as well... gave it a spin earlier and while a Donqueror was punching holes in my turret with APCR spam for 300-400, I exacted that dmg with HE to the face
  2. For anyone that got to play the test server - is the E100 still the king of trading or is the (way) higher DPM 128mm gun now a more solid option?
  3. Just had quite a baller of a game on Sand River, 4.1k Dmg, 1350 Base XP and.... just 1st Class Mastery?! Who in the flying F is playing this tank so good that you can't get Ace Mastery with over 1300 Base?! l.e.: sorry for necro-ing this, I afterwards saw a more recent topic about this tank
  4. Well, managed to nail this recently. I was amazed by how snapshots and firing on the move at close-medium range feel now, with the improved dispersion parameters & such. (and yes, I know more luck was involved in this battle than I'm willing to admit) http://wotreplays.eu/site/4928484#himmelsdorf-fedaykin89-type_61 Also, I think I'm gonna hit 2k battles in this thing and STILL not get to 3 Marks... damn my fluctuating performance l.e.: And yes, I had a genuine REEEEE moment when I met that WZ towards the end
  5. Goodbye, Minsk, and good riddance. You shall definitely not be missed
  6. That bad, huh? Well on the plus side I like the Tier 8 Toilet TD On the bad side it's gonna take me... about the rest of 2019 to get a shot at trying to make 8k with the v4. There are really no other ideas, options... something?
  7. Guys, I've been stuck at TD-15 for Obj. 260 for several months now. My best bet for 8k dmg & 6 kills is the old FV 183. The problem is - I'm terribad at it (so bad I can't even break 50% WR in it). I either try to chai snipe and don't provide enough support for my team - or I get too cocky, get lit up and dead in seconds. Had a couple of lucky, nice games with it, but it's much too situational. My other options are: T110E3, T110E4, Obj. 268 (the old one), AMX Foch B & AMX Foch 155 and the Badger. Still a long way from unlocking UDES/Strv-stuff. I know, I have the bad habit of playing the REALLY out of meta tanks.
  8. Fedaykin89


    So I realized that even though I love playing this thing, I didn't 3 Mark it yet. Best Tier 8 Casemate TD, IMO! http://wotreplays.eu/site/4873146#westfield-fedaykin89-jagdpanther_ii
  9. Fedaykin89


    Well, after a few more games like these: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4330954#prokhorovka-fedaykin89-leopard_prototyp_a http://wotreplays.eu/site/4729644#murovanka-fedaykin89-leopard_prototyp_a http://wotreplays.eu/site/4740490#ensk-fedaykin89-leopard_prototyp_a I eventually managed to score this, in a very carefree, casual manner (saw that it was at 94.54%, so I rolled the dice on another battle) http://wotreplays.eu/site/4740506#malinovka-fedaykin89-leopard_prototyp_a This really was overall an easy grind, IIRC more easy than the IS-3 3 Mark grind. Too bad I have the bad feeling that the Tier X Leo is gonna be nowhere near as good - too bad, because this thing suits my playstyle big time. P.S. Meanwhile, with over 1k battles in the Type 61, still struggling...
  10. My god what a piece of shit one-trick gimmicky horsefuckery this thing is... 47% win rate and still dropping, can't carry at all in it! Wish I didn't drop my T10 crew to put it in this thing... now granted the T10 has absurd gun handling, but ffs going hulldown in it made more sense than in this fucking piece of shit, I swear it has worse turret roof/cupolas than the freaking IS6 layout! IMO this POS is only good at parking it 45 degrees angled in front of the enemy guns and pray they're too stupid to shoot the un-angled cheeks.
  11. Apparently in the last few weeks I completely lost any ability to play this thing at even a decent level... most of the times having a 1200-1500 damage match, 400-dmg-one-shot-then-I-die matches not being uncommon either... Managed to drop my MoE from a 93% some months ago to struggling to get it back to 85% (now at under 82%). Either something really fuggidy has happened or I accidentally lost half my brain cells Not to mention that artillery loves me long time, along with freaking T49s nuking me with 900 dmg derps from ridiculous angles. Also, might be a tin foil hat thing, but I do tend to be focused a lot by the red tanks, in detriment of more obvious, more serious threats on my team's behalf in front of me. Hey, paper target + blue player = tomato love, I guess
  12. Somewhat off-topic, but I've noticed that even if you manage to get a decent game in the IS6 (I pretty much always forget that I have APCR in my loadout... not that it helps me very much against lots of stuff) its credit earning capacity is, well, shit. A lot of it is due to the base shell cost, which makes missing or dealing 0 dmg rather costly, but also the only games (for me, at least) when you have chances of scoring 3k+ damage are when you're (finally) top tier... and you don't earn a lot of cash from stomping Tier 6 puppies. That's my feel on it, I may simply not be good enough to be competitive in the IS6 again, considering that I managed to 3 Mark it back in the day and I still remember earning a decent amount of credits. IMO they should just make the base shell pen ~220, because that's unfortunately the norm for Tier 8 these days. Sure, I wouldn't mind an armor OR view range buff as well, but...
  13. I would even argue that a sidescraping SConqueror is far superior to a sidescraping E100, even with HEAT you would have to carefully aim for parts of the turret near the gun that aren't covered by the spaced armor (which from what I see are at least 260mm thick, at best) or try going for a rather tiny shoulder pad which is only viable anyhow if the SConq over angles quite a bit (and even then we're talking about 260-270mm at the minimum) And all that is quite impossible to do considering how fast a SConq spapshots at you
  14. I don't really spam prem in my Foch B (then again, I'm nowhere near playing the damn thing to a "good" level), but I'm noticing near-constant -20k/-30k (non-premium account) games in the Badger. Also, I wasn't making a comparison to the Foch, just that the Badger feels expensive in general (running all 3 consumables in their premium version); going to have to run those numbers with actual attention to them, of course - what I'm saying is just by gut feeling and how quickly I ran out of credits playing it.
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