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  1. I'm thinking about going back down to T6 to work on my gameplay/getting used to playing from bottom tier. Any particularly strong tanks to rebuy (besides the Cromwell)?
  2. Is SU-100Y good for credit gen?

    1. #NightWolf5628


      not really.. but if you have premium time you wont have to worry at all

    2. hallo1994


      ^^ NO REGRETS

  3. M26 Pershing: Penetration of the AP M77 shell for the 90 mm Gun T15E2M2 increased from 180 to 190 mm. Penetration of the HVAP M304 shell for the 90 mm Gun T15E2M2 reduced from 268 to 240 mm. gonna miss APCR silver bullets but the extra AP pen makes my poverty self happy Т-44: Penetration of the UBR-412 shell for the 100 mm LB-1 gun increased from 175 to 183 mm. wew lad
  4. I'm clanless, but I'm still interested in the Type 64. Does it play more like a Hellcat with the 76mm? I feel like pubs will warrant more gold ammo.
  5. I cannot get a solid Panther game for the life of me.

    1. CarryMode


      because it's a shit tank

  6. Guess I'm rebuying my BDR. Grind out the cash with my IS-6, assuming I don't kill my profits with APCR.
  7. Are T5s still best for credit grind if you don't use prem time/tanks?
  8. I've been trying to get the Luchs to work for me, but my games have been resoundingly mediocre at best. Using the 3cm autocannon right?
  9. in before -100 damage on hesh but gets 3 seconds knocked off of reload #WG_Balance
  10. Is the 3cm MK103 still the go to on the Luchs or should i use the PzIII top gun? The autocannon is mad fun, but is way too unreliable at 6 and 7.
  11. M7 57mm machine gun, sanic speed, good camo WN8 factory since no one plays it/free xps over to get up the autoloader line faster
  12. Maybe I'll rebuy my VK Leopard then. The gun is like a hose full of bees.
  13. From what I can gather the Pz4A is basically a balanced M2Med and the 4D is a passable medium. I'd just play them for aesthetics. New StuG looks like a hetzer with less armor more mobility.
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