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  1. It's rmw00 in the forum here. BurglarOfBanff_ff in game.
  2. OK, been a while since this thread was started... Sophie the puppy is now all grown up and a viscous chipmunk killer. I'm now 57. I finally made it to blue recent win rate. I've changed my WoT name from rmw00 which was my initials to BurglarOfBanff_ff. https://youtu.be/5qUagJGeZhc
  3. Reaction time... So I tried this: https://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/java/redgreen.html and averaged about .34 Would some purples try it and see what they get? Thanks.
  4. How do I know if my reaction time is good/bad? Also, I've unknowingly had a mild sinus infection for several months making me tired and giving me mild headaches. Once I got rid of it, my WOT win rate went up by a solid 5%. The head ache made me irritable and I yolo'd too much.
  5. I added the comma after the second circle line and the bold text. The second line is original but it doesn't show either.
  6. I'm using Anfields but want to add the 564 circle. Any thoughts on why this doesn't work: "minimap": { "enabled": true, "cameraAlpha": 100, "circles": { "enabled": true, "major": [ { "alpha": 45, "color": "0xFFCC66", "distance": 445, "enabled": true, "thickness": 0.75 }, { "alpha": 30, "color": "0xFFFFFF", "distance": 50, "enabled": true, "thickness": 1 }, { "alpha": 40, "color": "0xFFFFFF", "distance": 564, "enabled": true, "thickness": 0.5 } ], "special": [
  7. One reason: my oldest can now platoon with me.
  8. Got a chance for a few battles in mine and I think I'll like it. It's probably not a carry tanks, but I'm not a carry player. Good camo, really like the gun, bad traverse - easy circled. But hey, I like the UE57 too. Training my T28 crew which fits fine.
  9. Topic 1: I used to design Engine Control Modules for a living. We converted from mechanical to electrical so we could fine tune the algo to pass emissions and get good economy. The phrase we were never to say was "Cycle beater". The agencies test a specified RPM, where the engine got good emissions. Other RPM, got good economy. I didn't actually set the fuel maps so I don't know for sure what happened, but... Topic 2: Buy a cute dog, go to dog training, meet a doctor just out of med school. Marry her and live the good life of a trophy husband. We still have her dog. Mine died, rip.
  10. One of the reasons to use XVM... knowing who to listen to. I'd generally follow advise from a good player.
  11. Does is sound cool like the UE-57?
  12. Ran into this guy twice this morning. SimplyT127
  13. I played on Blues team once. I died, our team was losing and Blue went to the back to snipe. I just assumed that once you see you are going to lose, might as well go for max damage.
  14. My job, family etc. have made it so I can play about an hour a day and almost never on weekends. However, I am 10/10 a wallet warrior and proud of it.
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