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  1. This is a great TV show, man: For the non italians, please any italian here correct me, but basically it's one guy or woman that sits on a "throne" and a bunch of ppl of the opposite sex try to get him/her to fall in love. All of this it's presented by a woman that sounds like a man and is married to a guy that has no neck and is as tall as a trashcan. The drama that comes out of this bloody show keeps housewifes entertained since I dunno how many years. Oh the average IQ of the participants, added together, is barely 20 and I think there are more than 20 ppl in the show
  2. For your info: I'll be in China for a week for work, won't be able to play untill I'm back on the 5th of march Have a nice week all of you
  3. Service information: I will be away for the christmas holidays from tomorrow untill the 3rd of january
  4. Did some maths for the european server: Biggest gold bundle is 30500 gold for 99.99€ is 305gold/€ Standard holiday bundle is 250gold/€ Dunno if it's worth it on EU
  5. Man, of course I'll still toon with you, that's a sure thing
  6. Boys, I might get going from 1-UP as well... The low activity is bad for me, I don't platoon with guys from 1-UP anymore since there simply isn't anyone online... I'll give it a few more days, but the situation is kinda bad...
  7. If you have BIA I would take vents to cumulate the overall bonus, otherwise a GLD is also a good choice, considering the bad aim stats for that gun Don't worry about the performance drop on the first tier 10, it is normal! Keep working on it and you'll eventually get used to tier ten gameplay
  8. Automatic collection with black background looks gorgeous, well done! I'm willing to replace my watch, that is wearing out a bit, but unfortunately at the moment I cannot afford to change it
  9. With barely anyone, I mean there is always the same 3-4 ppl
  10. So guys, how come I don't see most of u ingame? I mostly lurk down here on wotlabs to find you, but in the evening there is barely anyone online in game...
  11. As I got told way too many times in the past years: Italian tanks would be faster in reverse than going forwards Italian tanks' special ability would be the choice to swap sides at the end of the game
  12. I bought my IS7 at about 3-4k battles. Kinda rushed that tank after unlocking a big amount of tier 6s. It's still the tank with the worse stats on my T10 list, the line also being a horror to look at in the stats tab. I don't really regret it, I had to start somewhere, yet knowing that I once was the 800 WN8 shitter in a T10 is kinda terrible... I didn't play it much in the beginning, still T10 teaches a lot, expecially at your skill level, I think T10 play started to teach me more and more at about you skill level, before that it's just confusing
  13. I present to you the "Teufelsgeige", a typical instrument from the Italian region I come from and the southern part of Austria as far as I know. Literally the "Devil's violin", it's used as a "percussion" instrument to go with typical music such as the one shown below. There is no real rule for the composition and it's usually homemade. It's tradition to also have a devil on the top or at least animal horns Talking a bout that, this guy is a friend of mine, he made a living while backpacking in Australia doing simillar performances: https://www.faceboo
  14. I suck at time planning, but from my experience this will always happen when you try to plan something: Your boss/responsable/coworker will need help or whatever and you need to stop what you are doing The phone starts ringing Client calls and you have to explain stuff you would rather not explain or explain when you're done Client/coworker/commercial department will spam you with emails asking when your're done Therefore, no matter what you will estimate for your time consumption, add a good 10% for all this stuff. If you're lucky enough that this never happens the
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