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  1. Talking to ISP: "...the only time the connection works is on saturday morning, in the evening every other day is crap!" after a minute or so, the ISP: "We will have to send a technician, is saturday morning all right for you?"

    1. Unavailebow


      Everytime I call the ISP and if that is a girl answering... :doge:

      Me: 3 green lights 1 yellow, usually that's 4 green.
      ISP: Try shutting down the modem for...
      Me: Did it.
      ISP: Try shutting down the rout...
      Me: Did it. Is your nearby server okay? That yellow light means it fails to dial the WAN. :serb:
      ISP: ...

    2. Britzz


      U tell me, man...
      I call and they say it's my fault, then I have to explain everything to prove it's their fault, yet nothing gets fixed

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