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  1. Fastfission

    Tips on playing heavies for a light tank driver

    I recently saw a video (I believe it was Dauntless Tanker) about playing Swamp. He recommended simply "always play Swamp clockwise". It sounds like you guys did exactly that. I've tried pushing the castle from north spawn in my heavies a couple of times, and you do seem to get wrecked trying to get there. I agree about the different mindset. I'm used to being able to do solo slash and run attacks, and even in mediums you can often get away with that type of attack. I think the biggest difference is that you really have to stick with other heavies in a (slow) pack. I joined a clan recently, so I'm hoping I can do a bit more platooning, which is really a great way to play heavies. I guess the other big difference is that once decide on a plan of attack, you're pretty much stuck with it. No running off to another flank, at least not easily.
  2. Fastfission

    Tips on playing heavies for a light tank driver

    I'd thought it would be, but matchmaking was interesting when I was trying to play it. I didn't get much play time last week, but the weekend before I played it maybe 7 or 8 times. I don't believe I've had a top tier match in it. (as I mentioned, I had about 40 games that same weekend trying to play the KVs and didn't see a single top tier game. I'm hoping to get some time to play tomorrow to see if whatever was happening with matchmaker is better.
  3. Fastfission

    Tips on playing heavies for a light tank driver

    T That sounds right, but I've got to get there first. I don't have any heavies above tier 5 yet, except for the premium IS-2.
  4. Fastfission

    Tips on playing heavies for a light tank driver

    I did have a chance to platoon for a little while this weekend with Deus_ex_Machina, who's a much better heavy driver than I (Huge thanks, but the way). One thing I did notice was how much easier it was when platooning in heavy tanks. I'm pretty used to being out in front by myself in lights, and I think that I probably need to get used to staying in a group with my teammates, even if they're doing silly things (lemming trains down the valley on Lakeville, for instance). Unfortunately I didn't get much chance to play this weekend after that (babysitting grandkids). I did notice that the KV-1S seemed to work pretty well at lower tier when pushing typical medium lanes. I've still got a long way to go...
  5. Fastfission

    Tips on playing heavies for a light tank driver

    I'm generally playing solo, which is one reason I got away from the KV-1. It seemed like the battle was always far away and receding faster than I could move. None of the KVs seem to bounce much, although the -1S is obviously worse than the -1. I'm beginning to see why you rarely see youtube videos of heavy tanks that aren't top tier. I can see where the higher Russian heavies should be much better at hull-down with the rounded turrets. I can't wait to see what the T54 ltwt does, as I'm currently grinding the LTTP (not that the LTTP is a grind, as it's a complete ball to drive). I'm kind of thinking that I need to stay away from the front line until I have a much better feel for what I can get away with.
  6. Fastfission

    Tips on playing heavies for a light tank driver

    Thanks. I'm OK on reading the teams (not great, but I'm learning) with lights, but I'm still trying to figure out where a heavy should go. So far it seems like I need to play them more like slow mediums, at least until I figure them out. I think the main reason I do better with the T1 Heavy is that the gun trades speed for damage, so I'm not sitting in front of another tank for five or six seconds waiting for the aim circle. I was hoping that the 120mm on the IS-2 would be a real bear of a gun, but it's pretty hopeless facing an E75. I'm wondering if playing back a bit is a better idea with these tanks when not top tier. I hate to play campy, but that might work better in these situations.
  7. I've played mostly light and medium tanks, and I've recently been trying to learn how to play heavy tanks. I'm trying to grind the KV-1S (I've read that the Russian heavy line is pretty forgiving) and T1 Heavy. I've also got the IS-2 from the Berlin Quartet, and a Churchill 1 that I played very early on (I got really tired of chasing battles around at 20 kph). I've read the guides and watched videos on how to use heavies and I do know generally how to sidescrape and angle, but I'm just not having much luck this last week. I think a good part of this is simply learning heavy locations and positioning for various maps (at which I so far stink), but one problem I've really been struggling with is using these tanks when bottom tier. It seems that no matter what I do, I'm facing tanks that I can't pen, but that can cut through my armor like butter no matter how I angle. I've tried playing as support, but the Russian guns don't have the accuracy to hit weak spots at any range. It doesn't help that matchmaker seems to be having issues. I played a bit over 40 missions in the KV-1S and IS-2 without ever seeing top tier. Funny thing in all of this is that I'm actually having decent luck with the T1-heavy, which I'd always heard was a difficult tank. I think the combination of mobility and decent gun handling helps here. I'm really just fishing for some suggestions on how to play heavies when they're not top tier, particularly for the KV and IS. Thanks
  8. Fastfission

    How do you scout with 3-5 lights on your team?

    Wait until 3 of the 5 suiscout themselves...
  9. Fastfission

    WG posted a new Illegal Mods Policy

    As I understand, Autoaim+ has been banned on the EU server for some time. NA only bans the aimbots that target weak spots or calculate lead.
  10. I think I have to agree. I think that's the best example of epic team fail I've seen. Makes me feel good about my weekend...
  11. Was watching Jingle's latest good, bad and ugly. I guess Wesley001 is still out there.
  12. Fall damage is definitely dramatically increased. I've gotten killed from 100% a couple of times in situations that previously would have resulted in maybe 40 hp loss. All my lights will roll under certain conditions, but I am getting used to it. The SP-1C is so far the only tank that will do that on a turn on level ground. The SP-1C also has a strong tendency to end up on it's side. Hitting bumps while turning, or at certain angles will give you a strong swerve (when one track loses contact before the other). Also, trying to get into tricky spots (the south spotting bush on the Lakeville road) requires a lot more care, as accurately steering and stopping is harder. On the plus side, e-brake turns are a kick. When going for a passive scouting location I'm getting to where I can run at the bush full speed and do an e-brake turn that ends up with me in the spotting location and facing back for a quick get-away if spotted. Also, these turns make the circle of death a lot more interesting. I do think I'm fine with the new physics, it's just taking some getting used to it. Just a quick anecdote WRT Felicius' post - Many years ago (when I was young and not so wise) I used to do brake turns with my Dad's John Deere tractor for grins. The new physics feels pretty much like that..
  13. Fastfission

    T71 - Review & Gameplay

    It feels a bit slower on initial acceleration and in poor terrain (valley on Lakeville) to me, but it's not a tremendous difference. I did feel like the view range/camo might be a bit better, but that may be my imagination. I was definitely getting more bounces off larger guns this weekend, especially from the rear quarter (Actually bounced a T110, which I can't remember ever doing before). Overall, it seems like either a wash, or a slight nerf. It's still a huge hoot to drive. Didn't notice the gun depression being a problem.
  14. I have pretty good luck with the VK 3001D myself. I do worry that the VK 3002D has basically the same gun at a higher tier.
  15. I want to thank you all for the advice. I am kind of inclining toward the Russian line. The T54 looks like an amazing combination of mobility, armor and firepower. I've run into enough trouble dealing with the T34 variants that I know that the camo and mobility are reasonable comparable to the T67 and Hellcat. It seems to me that the trade-off is a bit less alpha. I'm also really drawn to the French line (BatChat looks like a ball), but I haven't decided I want to grind the duck quite yet. I did grind the Lee twice, so I guess it can't be that bad... I do have a T1 Heavy. I think I'll start trying to see if I can get the hang of it. From what I've seen the later US heavy lines are pretty decent. Hardest part so far is trying to figure out how to angle the thing enough to bounce, but not so much as to expose the insta-kill side armor. I've also got a Churchill but it's just so incredibly slow that I find it aggravating. I have spent a fair time in the mid tiers intentionally. I was at about 1800 games, halfway through the T21, when I realized how badly I stunk (WN8 of around 400 and WR of 48) . I was like a lot of folks and simply failed upward until then. I've got my overall WN8 over 1000 now, and WR is mid-50s, so I think it's time to move up a bit.