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  1. 5 minutes ago, Oicraftian said:

    And here we have an issue.

    Re-Read the premise.

    "I'd actually get the Leo if that change went through."

    Playing WOT is the error.

    "I just go the 430U and I'm doing shit in it right now. I do better with gun depression..."

    Still grinding in WOT I see.

    What are you talking about? You're on a primarily WoT forum, what do you expect?

  2. I still play this game daily so if anyone wants to add me for both PvP and PvE, feel free. My uPlay is DaConcep. Rocking 4-piece AlphaBridge + Nimble + Specialized. I have a Barrett's chest piece but it has shit rolls on it so I use my pretty nice Alpha chest. I also have Skull MC Gloves but my high end build isn't anywhere close to this.



  3. 11 minutes ago, HarshponeTheTanker said:

    If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to, I've got well over a couple dozen million creds that need to be ground out.

    Added you in-game.

    27 minutes ago, dashnog said:

    If you're actually a platoonmate that plays more than once and doesn't miraculously die, as well as remember what human contact is by replying to messages ever, then sure.

    I'm not sure if I'm ready for such socialization...


    I added you in-game


  4. As title says, I'm looking for some people to run toons with but at various times of the day. It doesn't really matter what time you're on (unless it's always between 12AM-7AM) because I'm generally around all day. If you have below 2k recent, I'll toon with you if you're enjoyable to play with aka laid back but still willing to win. I don't have much to pick from in my garage currently because I hate credit grinding: T-62A, Type 59, and E50. I still have my M48, T34, and E5 but all are completely stripped besides the E5 which has no ammo.

    Anyways, hit me up in-game under the name "concep".


    P.S. I would much rather play on TS than silent.

  5. Haven't posted in awhile so here's my build currently.


    I have 1 of Striker, 1 Tactician Authority, 1 Nomad and 2 Sentry Call gear. I want to replace my Knee Pads with Striker gear so I can get that damage bonus but I love having 1138 armor on my knee pads. My Nomad gloves give me a good boost to DPS and my Striker mask does as well.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Aquavolt said:

    i mean, you can easily just stack accuracy parts and your dps will go through the roof. the dps stat is wonky as balls and doesnt actually take into account how much damage per second you're doing

    I know. I read the article/thread. My DPS would be 70k if I had more accuracy attachments.


    But the question still stands. Why do people have such low DPS/HP for their levels? I'm taking my sweet time getting to Rank 30.

  7. I look through this thread and see all these people (cough Shade cough) at high to high-ish levels with such low DPS/HP. Did you people just power level? I sat at rank 19 for a good 15-20 10-15 hours of gameplay and maxed out the DPS at 21.5k. Now after a very long session today, I'm sitting at Rank 26 outside the DZ and 40 inside. My DPS is about 62k because I dropped some for a bit more HP so I'm rocking ~32k HP now.

    P.S. Anyone who wants to, add me on uPlay (I use Uplay and not Steam for the game because discounted).



  8. 2 hours ago, MissNurkie said:

    Regarding deconstructing weapons and not selling;

    After every farm mission I went into inventory, equipped and modded the best gear, walked to vendor and sold every little shit I didn't equip. Weapon parts, fabric, electronics and whatnot are free for me to collect both in the streets and in the different wings of my base ever 2nd hour, but pure credits aren't that easy to farm, and I was so happy to have enough credits to buy lvl30 guns and some armor at the special gear vendor when there was a good offer. I had OP guns since level 15 because I always had money ready to yolo-buy the good stuff.

    I still haven't seen a decent blueprint I wanted to use, and my guns are more than good enough.

    This is basically me. I sell everything I don't have equipped. All my gear is purple and I haven't found anything better except at DZ vendors, though I have visited every single one from DZ 1-4.








  9. I've spent a majority of my time in the Dark Zone. Was level 32 in the DZ but got killed multiple times by a group of rogues who were basically killing everyone they saw so it dropped to 30. I was sealclubbing at Level 19 with 21.5k DPS and 11-12k HP for about a day and a half. Currently rocking 31k DPS and 13k HP.

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