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  1. SP 1C is basically the only competitive one of the bunch. The Ru just can't do as much and I don't know why. Maybe the autoloader in the SP 1C is better for Blitz? I have no idea.
  2. OP shows exactly why he can't even light blue recent after hitting dark green almost 7 months ago.
  3. The only problem for me in WT is the grinding. So much grinding. Imo, it's almost impossible to not play without premium if you're actually trying to get somewhere.
  4. First game back in the Comet and I ran out AP :P




  5. I assume it would be both.
  6. I know but at least I don't have to play through UPlay and tab out for Steam messages.
  7. I played the shit out of the Beta. It was finally a game that I could play with friends in a small team in both co-op and PvP. I also love dystopian games and a chaotic NYC is just the game for me. Only problem is I hate uPlay and the game is an Ubisoft game so it runs through the shitty program. I dislike it so much that I might spend the extra $20 for the normal version on Steam but I'll probably be buying the Gold Edition anyways since I can't get that on G2A or other discount sites and I want that Hazmat Suit and Season Pass. Anyways, if anyone wants to add me on Steam/UPlay to play it during Open Beta and Release, please do. I need as many people as possible to play with. Steam: Concep1 UPlay: DaConcep
  8. No codes because WG uses iTunes/Google Play/Windows Store for purchases instead of the usual browser-based store for regular WoT PC.
  9. Are you talking about info panel? Or does the mod refer to the tank you're playing and not what you're aiming at?
  10. I've been playing PC Tanks a bit more lately and I really need credits since I'm just under 300k as of right now. I have a T34, Type 59, and Super P in my garage and I'm grinding credits to eventually get a bunch of tanks I sold in the past back (using a Support ticket obviously). I can play at almost any time during the day as well as play on either East or West (preferably East) and using Teamspeak would be nice, too. I do have my own server but I can go on any server if necessary. P.S. My IGN is weird, I know. It's a running joke on WoT Blitz right now.
  11. gCY4tep.png

    This is what I get for trying to get a MoE on the M46.

    1. concep


      Yeah, well, I wanted to test the water and I was attacked by Jaws.

    2. Fabunil


      Obligatory "Learn 2 dodge arta"-comment.

      On the plusside, he didn´t oneshot you since it is a low-alpha-arta:serb:

    3. Tedster59


      I just did the math.  he rolled the maximum possible with that gun.  serb says "getrekt" :serb: 

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  12. What even... Blitz devs just can't get anything right. First, they buff the IS-7 so that it can perform the role of a medium tank and now this shit.
  13. Yeah, I submitted a ticket earlier today to get it back. Now to play the waiting game.
  14. I remember how I got an Ace in the Super P within my first few games. I forgot to switch back to AP after taking out an IS-6. Might as well get it again after rage selling a long ass time ago.
  15. I am only familiar with Apple because I only because I like having a uniform set of devices and parts (chips, somewhat cameras, batteries, space, etc). The 6S+ has more battery life and (obviously) resolution than the 6S. 1920x1080 on the 6S+ and the 6S having 1334x750 and just under an inch smaller screen (6S). Here's more info about comparing: http://www.trustedreviews.com/opinions/iphone-6-vs-iphone-6-plus
  16. Bad tank to begin with. Never expected it to be any good so I'm not gonna waste my money.
  17. Yeah, the IS, KV-3 and T29 just got huge nerfs to reload speed and the T29 can't turn worth a damn now.
  18. Some guns stay the same, though; i.e. 120mm and some are changed like the 122mm on the IS series. They get 400 instead of 390 per shot.
  19. Try turning up the sensitivity. I have mine almost maxed.
  20. All HP pools on all tanks on Blitz are changed, especially Tiers 1-4 and Tiers 9-10. When a Maus only has 2500 HP, it would kind of break the game (even more) if the thing hit for its PC average.
  21. I do pretty well with the controls, though in the past couple updates (1.11-2.1) the controls have been a bit sticky especially the joystick. As for the 183 (@OP), I'm at the Tortoise and the only reason I'm doing 3k average is the gun. It didn't change at all from PC so it's thoroughly broken. The 183 is pretty broken as well considering 2.73 RoF w/o rammer/vents/food and constantly rolls over 1k with the AP despite being 930 average.
  22. I used to go that ship every year when I went to Wilmington but we stopped going to NC beaches (no idea why). I loved going on it every time. It really never got old.
  23. I don't ever start typing unless the win is guaranteed and/or I'm already dead. I don't usually respond to any o7s or Hellos. too time consuming when matches can be as short as under 2 minutes.
  24. 8200 damage loss in my T110E5. Next best damage on the team is 2200 by the T92. I did about 4k just in the first up engagement on the hill and tried to cap but my platoon got (who hadn't player before and was using one of my friend's accounts) shotgunned by arty. I finally aced this tank with this game lol. I wasn't even mad that I lost for some reason. I was just happy I did so much damage! http://wotreplays.com/site/2025589
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