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  1. That bump though... I don't really care one way or another now on Blitz so this thread is irrelevant. I actually do NOT want XVM in Blitz after some thought because there is already enough tunnel vision as it is now.
  2. Bought at least a dozen or two Steam games a few times while they were on sale and I haven't played any of them. rip 100-150 dollars.
  3. The Leopard-series are sexy tanks.
  4. Rip the responses to the thread from earlier.
  5. concep

    Luna's Ponis

    How is Luna best pony?
  6. concep

    Fallout Series

    Played very little of 3 because I got into New Vegas. New Vegas has such better gameplay and options. I put about 250-260 hours into it before I got bored but I've been slowly playing more. Gameplay: New Vegas Story: 3 In Fallout's case: New Vegas > 3
  7. I got perma'd too. THANKS SKITTLES.
  8. Rip me. 13k battles and all on an iPhone 5C.
  9. Personally, since I used to play mobile games all the time, I don't find as clunky as they could be. They're far better than a lot of mobile games out there but certainly not the best.
  10. No surprise there. People are so full of shit. There was a 38%er on my team once who was trying to play backseat driver after he got destroyed because he went off by himself in a stock E75. I mean completely stock. He even had the 88.
  11. concep

    World of Codes

    Everyone got that E3 Humble Bundle for the Siege CBT Access :^)
  12. concep

    World of Codes

    You're welcome You're welcome and thanks for the boat and boat reminder.
  13. concep

    World of Codes

    Steam: Age of Empires II HD Edition: The Forgotten Expansion: PTPV8-KPKP5-Y6F6N Cities in Motion 2: QH94F-LERBL-Q4KKE Company of Heroes: NGVHJ-EWHR9-224GT Magicka Wizards Wars Exclusive Staff and Blade: QFWIH-NZAQD-KDJNP Medieval II: Total War: ZY3WV-GPQGI-VRAPM PAYDAY 2 Base Game + Mask of the Moon and Borsuk Masks: RWC2V-PPDX7-4DP46 PAYDAY 2 Electarodent and Titan Masks: 9NYW9-X50NQ-46RV3 Psychonauts: C4IKZ-DN9JM-D6V4H Ushit (Uplay): Ghost Recon Phantoms E3 Avatar: E3AV190T8VX6IGUQ Ghost Recon Phantoms Starter Pack: E3ST3JDTBF2DXCAN Misc. Keys: SMITE Loki Pack: PCLK16F190E150602 SMITE Xbox One Closed Beta: MC493-PG2G4-HGFTC-PHV7P-7PPRZ Warframe 7-day Credit and Affinity Booster Packs: 08BE-8758-5188-E2F7 WildStar Standard Edition: 38IM2E351T2LE6YTX20R World of Tanks Invite Code: RMSZV-XUKPY-FHKPS-GSZUG World of Warships Closed Beta Key: F93KU-BD6F2-WYS93-SRAT8 World of Warships Bonus Content: M5399-KRC3C-PBD5C-6ABHV Quote the key you used when you redeem so I get notification of it.
  14. concep

    Fallout 4

    Well both New Vegas and 3 were 200 years afterwards. I would also assume that no human was living on the surface 20 years after the Great War.
  15. concep

    Fallout 4

    I'm not sure how the laws work in Canada but if you had a friend in a province that doesn't have this law, you could have it sent there then have them send it to you. Just an idea.
  16. Before the past two updates, I would disagree. But now, the devs have been going all over the goddamn place with the layout of how it displays the teams (the panels on the side of the screen), the controls in general, and certain unnecessary buffs/nerfs. Last update, 1.10, they made the panels so wide that you can't see who is on the teams until you've loaded in. Plus, the joystick has been constantly deselecting when I try to go forward. Great feature if you want to be a meatshield.
  17. Because there's a section for this now, what's WoTLabs' opinion of Blitz? I got into it when it came out after I blew out my knee and couldn't get to my desktop and got, and sort of still am, pretty involved in the (then good, now terrible) community. My general opinion is that the game is alright but: The forums far exceeds the levels of idiocy of the PC's forum. The pubbies are worse than their PC counterparts. And the worse the player is, the bigger their ego.
  18. Almost two and a half times more posts than battles and it still mystifies you that people lack common sense?
  19. I believe he means he stopped getting better (WN8-wise or however else) and just leveled out. His 60-day and Recent are almost the same. Edit: Forgot to mention.. Welcome!
  20. concep

    Fallout Shelter

    Yeah, I got it, pretty neat. Only thing I wish it could do was pause so I don't have to fix my entire vault when after I wake up the next morning.
  21. Dark Blue Recent woot woot http://i.imgur.com/syMUQWJ.png

    1. prolix


      Nice XVM camo. Keep improving!

    2. Tedster59
    3. concep


      XVM camo is the best camo :P

  22. Should hit dark blue today :0

    1. KenadianCSJ


      Dunno why, but initially read that as "should be hit by car today."

    2. concep


      Oh, that works too, if a tank counts as a car.

  23. Finally hit 50% overall WR

    1. Levenbrech
    2. Siimcy
    3. MAJEST1C


      Congrats I remember I used to be a pubbie w/ 44% WR now I'm in a top clan

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