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  1. Average damage per game is around the same for a good amount of tanks, spread throughout the tiers (just from looking at hundreds of different people' stats) and nations. Although, there are problems around Tier 6-8 heavies. Some of the worst players I've seen have what would be considered above average damage on PC in these tanks on Blitz.
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    I follow that blog already , I just got the picture from derpibooru because I was browsing there yesterday. I dunno. Maybe it's only for certain user groups. Ask a mod.
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    I didn't get the pic from Tumblr, I got it from derpibooru. And yes, it is possible for Gif avatars.
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    So did anyone else catch the glimpse of the Mane 6 on a Super Bowl commercial? Only reason I watched the Super Bowl was for the commercials. Also, pictures
  5. But it doesn't go as heavily by damage as WN8 does which is what a lot of people on Blitz are more interested in. I'm sure there are people more than willing to use it despite the complexity.
  6. Just curious but why would it be easier to implement EFF then? Also, that's a lot of pages to read through on WN8 dev thread. By the way, I'm not the one who will be doing the actual implementation, I'm just the only person who actually goes on WoTLabs and therefore took it upon myself to help out because while I'm banned on the Blitz forums for another 15 minutes or so (been banned for a week due to shit mods).
  7. As Orrie said, it could still work. Stats would just be inflated or deflated, but still comparable. If it doesn't work in the long run, I'm sure someone in the Blitz community can eventually come up with another system.
  8. I see what you're saying. I think they stats will be slightly inflated but not by much. Maybe coming up with a slightly different color scale? Would you be willing to help me with implementing WN8 for Blitz to a website, existing or not? Also, the Russians have a Cydia Source (Jailbroken store) for mods so I think once this is up, they'll work on XVM for Blitz.
  9. I'm asking more for a rating system for Blitz, I'm sure that some Russian modder will come up with the mod as long there is something for them to display. I've been told since the meta is different there that'd need a different rating system all together, but I wouldn't complain if WN8 could work. Sorry for the miswording.
  10. The matches are not 30 seconds a piece. They're 7 minutes. I have been focused down dozens of times by people who consider me to be a good player. And I'm not asking for implementation into the game like a mod, I'm just talking about getting it on a website like WoTLabs. I'm sure someone else will make a Cydia Source for XVM in-game or just add it on to the existing one. Besides, I doubt many people will come here to gloat and steal yours or anyone else's spotlight. I'm not asking for everyone to dogpile on to this, just asking for someone to help out. You don't want XVM for Blitz, I get that. But there are others who do, some who have been looking forward to it for awhile, like myself. WoT is competitive on every platform, whether playing on a phone or playing on a gaming computer, there are those who want it to be competitive. It's an online game with millions of people, what do you expect?
  11. I don't see why matches not lasting long have anything to do with XVM. I don't think Tier 7 and below are fucked because of premiums, I think they're fucked because of MM. Tier 5 and 6 see -1/+2 MM which make them a pain in the ass. When's the last time you played, though? I see T34s and IS-6s way more than Lowes, albeit not as rare as a Super Pershing. I don't think it's P2W. Now there is a function that allows you to use free exp on crew skills but if you're too stupid to fire at the right moment, those skills are useless, right? Anyways, I didn't make the thread to talk about the cons of Blitz. I made it to discuss a possible rating system.
  12. The point is obvious. I was pretty clear in the OP. And I can assure you that everyone who played at the beginning of the game does not have extremely high stats, some have extremely high Winrates, but that's about it. Don't forget this is not a PC, the people who play Blitz at the beginning all played from iOS, only devices from the iPhone 4 down couldn't run it steadily so they made sure that the other devices could run around 40-60FPS. There was also huge optimization last patch so the excuse of FPS is out the window. Edit: Yes, there are lots of idiots on Blitz. No, there are not enough to keep the good players from doing good.
  13. Not sure where else to post this or who exactly to message so I'll just leave this here. Considering the API for Blitz (Mobile version of WoT) was released yesterday, is there a possibility of WN8 or a new rating for Blitz? It's annoying having to look someone up in-game and compare them only by their overall stats rather than their recent stats. I know for a fact that almost everyone who plays Blitz that knows anything about XVM would like Blitz to have some sort of rating system like WN8. Yeah, I know, the meta is pretty different on Blitz than PC given different HP per tank, alpha damage, RoF, DPM, etc. but it'd be nice if the mobile version could get something as well. If there's a way for me to help out, I'd be happy to lend a hand.
  14. An invasion of America scenario has always interested me (still does). I have both Soviet Assault and the original as well as all three Wargames, they're all very fun games. I've beat WiC at least a 2-3 times. Same for the Wargames. Cold War turned WWIII is real interesting.
  15. I usually use either Adrenaline or food. I always have multi-use and a standard repair kit so I can repair a track or a module without leaving myself completely vulnerable to crew/more module damage.
  16. As said above, T110E5 is the only tank I feel comfortable playing effectively in.
  17. T110E5 or E3 are the best, imo. E100 is weak because you can see where to pen and the IS-7 is constantly ammo racked. It all depends on the player but I win the most in my E5 and E3.
  18. Yeah, that's why I made a post here. :l
  19. I'll shoot you an invite if I'm not in a platoon later on.
  20. I'm looking for a few people who can help me improve gameplay but not being super-serious (e.g. good sense of humor, not annoyed easily, etc). I've been steadily improving every day since I decided to play WoT PC a bit more and I think asking here would be better than waiting until the night when everyone is in CW and/or busy with other things. I would prefer to use some form of voice comms like Teamspeak or whatever you use, I do not have a Tier 9 at the moment but I do have Tier 6 (AMX 12t), 7, 8, and 10. Here are my stats because my 60-Day is much better than my last 1000 battles:
  21. 2800 average WN8 tonight out of ~20 games. My recent should go back to blue finally.

  22. I hate arty but I deal with it. I have tried arty and I just find it to be dull. Sitting in the back, usually not moving, waiting for them to show up and you might just be in the right position to hit them is just plain boring . I want to be face-to-face with the enemy, not firing over buildings and possibly hitting them for a good amount. I want to hit the enemy repeatedly at close range so they can see me when I drive away from their burning wreck.
  23. That I have had to fight against: 4502B. Unpennable frontal armor and has the same gun as the E75. That I've played in: M103
  24. I don't do much posting but I do support. Take 10 dollars. Take it all.
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