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    concep reacted to Haswell in Unpopular opinion: out of skyrim dlc girls, Frea>Serana.   
    One is a strong independent Nord woman, the other is a princess with daddy issues.
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    concep reacted to ZXrage in I honestly miss when this forum was way more active than it is now and all the shenan   
    if it's any consolation i miss it too
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    concep got a reaction from Nope in Super hyped all week to get home and play The Division, only to get really sick and e   
    Well get better and add me on uPlay when you get around to the game
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    concep reacted to Sergeant_Fgt in HOLY SHIT YOURE LIKE IN CHARGE OF #1 BLITZ CLAN NA I NEVER EVEN KNEW THAT WOW. http:/   
    16k games, wat.. that's like how many hours spent on the toilet ?  
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    concep reacted to blackzaru in   
    Why are you p9oking him instead of just answering him in chat? That is truly awful... 
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