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    concep reacted to hazzgar in Tier 10 medium tank rebalance   
    I kinda get 420 alpha for leo but imho what it needs more is Fatton/t100lt gun handling. 0.25acc, 1700 shell speed and 290 standard pen/340 heat. If it has to be a sniper make it a good sniper. If it still doesn't perform well make it a better sniper. Basically make it a swede cheese wedge without armor and crazy camo. 
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    concep reacted to Mikosah in Tier 10 medium tank rebalance   
    STB suffers because its gun handling is so clumsy. Throwing in the new hydro suspension is cool and all but seems very irrelevant. And the proposed buffs to movement dispersion penalties and aim time alone would have made the STB way more viable. But this nonsense of toying with the alpha, shell velocity, and pen? Just why?
    30b getting normal shell velocity and pen makes it just another generic medium, which is fine. Though the funny thing is that if the 30b's current niche is really that bad, why are they throwing the new STB into it?
    Leo changes are just unnecessarily complicated. And even though it would help, I don't like the idea of changing the alpha. High tier 105mm guns should deal 390, and balancing should be done with other stats. In this case they could just give it a meme aim time that's so low and meme pen that's so high that the original concept of sniping from range actually works.
    As of the 430 and 430u nerfs.... Oh wait they cancelled those! For a second there I forgot that it was WG we were dealing with. Though in seriousness I still entertain the tiniest ray of hope that the devs actually saw reason and realized that the armor is the real problem here. Any second now they'll release an announcement for new armor nerfs..... any second now.....
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    concep reacted to Assassin7 in Tier 10 medium tank rebalance   
    As if I had any hope for WG left at all. 
    Fuck them. Fuck them fuck them fuck them fuck them.
    Fucking ruining the STB. Nothing in that patch does anything for what it fucking needs. It needed fucking like 0.2 off its aim time and slightly better bloom on the move. Maybe some turret armour. But they have to go and do all these drastic, fucking retarded changes for NO FUCKING REASON. It doesnt even need fucking seige mode. Seige mode will ruin it as well if its like the fucking STRVs siege mode.
    Fuck WG. I legit want to just quit the game over this.
    Edit: holy fucking shit they've literally just transposed the STB with the 30B except made the stb worse than the 30b. While buffing the 30B to what the STB should fucking be.
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    concep reacted to Zepherex in E-50 and M46 expected values reverted to v28   
    Hey bro nice shit win rate accompanying that 3700 recent. Seriously when you fuck over your teams by chai sniping do you use lube or just full on dry dock them in the ass?
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    concep got a reaction from VikkoTheTusken in Blitz: Like it or hate it?   
    Because there's a section for this now, what's WoTLabs' opinion of Blitz? I got into it when it came out after I blew out my knee and couldn't get to my desktop and got, and sort of still am, pretty involved in the (then good, now terrible) community.
    My general opinion is that the game is alright but: The forums far exceeds the levels of idiocy of the PC's forum. The pubbies are worse than their PC counterparts. And the worse the player is, the bigger their ego.
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    concep reacted to SchnitzelTruck in 9.15.1 Armor Changes   
    As @TheMostComfortableTanker is too busy with IRL stuff and I love staring at armor models, I have decided to take over his usual hobby of explaining HD armor changes. I tend to be terrible at explaining things so if you would rather have me add a few screenshots showing some of the changes I can do that.
    First, the tiers we all give a shit about, starting from tier10 and working down.
    Too many changes to list, here's a screenshot.
    Side armor was buffed from 50 to 51mm, which means Russian 152mm's will no longer overmatch.
    6mm spaced armor cover on the upper side of the hull was removed
    Turret shape reworked, now has a weak roof like the other recent British HD turrets. Here's a screenshot.
    Lower plate buffed from 37 degrees to 40 degrees. About a 10mm effective buff. Cant see any other changes.
    GW E100:
    Crew canopy became significantly lower profile. I'd say they cut a good 1/4 of the top off.
    Lower plate angle buffed to 60 degrees, was 50
    Turret became noticeably smaller.
    Frontal turret thickness buffed from 240 to 290. Making the weakest point on the cheeks ~300mm effective instead of ~250mm.
    Hatch size slightly reduced. Thickness nerfed by 20mm. Angles buffed to give better effective thickness. Left hatch used to be mostly ~190 effective, now is mostly ~200-230 effective. Right hatch is the same as before (~190-210) however much harder to hit.
    Lower plate buffed from 100mm to 120mm. effective thickness is now 160mm instead of 130.
    Upper side armor (above spaced armor) buffed from 90mm to 120mm.
    Spaced sideskirt unchanged, still doesnt have angled armor underneath it, just a flat block of 90mm. Sorry bois, your 113 still doesn't have magic is3 side armor like the visual model would suggest.
    Spaced armor sideskirt now wraps around to the front just like an IS-3/IS-7 etc, and has a 200mm plate beneath it. Kinda hard to explain... here's an image.
    Turret became lower profile, effective thicknesses seem to be very close to unchanged.
    Hatches became smaller and better angled. Hatches are now 235 at the very center, going to 245, then to 270+. Used to be 200mm at center.
    Lower plate became smaller
    Entire deck is now 15mm. Used to be 30mm front half, 15mm back half.
    Too many changes to list, here's a screenshot. Mega buff
    172mm armor zone at the top of the lower plate was removed, so now it's 229mm with the rest of the lower plate. Area where 172mm zone removed was buffed from ~200 effective to ~250mm. 
    Lower plate is more rounded than before. Center is still ~230 effective, but it instantly becomes ~270 moving down from from the center instead of ~245.
    Now has track links on both sides of the superstructure, giving areas 172mm base thickness instead of 152mm.
    A few other minor changes that arent worth listing.
    Turret became overall slightly smaller. Lower profile and not as wide.
    20mm track links added to turret, giving areas of 180mm base thickness instead of 160.
    5mm spaced sideskirt added just like the e50m's
    Hatch collision model is now in-line with the visual model. Ricochet at the very top instead of a flat cylinder like in the SD model. Hatch itself was reduced in height making it harder to hit.
    Looks like a sexy up-gunned e50m now, nice n shiny. Plus points for Box tank sex appeal.
    Waffle pz4:
    Uhhhh... its still butter, SURPRISE!
    10mm tracklink added to lower plate and middle stepped plate
    GW Tiger P:
    Stabilizer on the rear that was spaced armor is no longer spaced.
    RHM Borsig Waffle:
    It's rear was buffed from 5mm to 20mm. WOOT!
    Hatches slightly smaller.
    15mm track link added to upper plate, buffing effective thickness from 135mm to 155mm
    130mm beak armor zone removed.
    Angled sides of superstructure were nerfed from 90mm zones to 75mm zones. Were 190 effective, now are 160
    Shoulders of upper plate were nerfed from 90mm zones to 75mm zones. They are still ricochet angle from frontal attacks though.
    Lower plate angle buffed from 57 degrees to 60 degrees. Was ~150 effective, now is 155.
    The gun mantlet is a total clusterfuck now in terms of armor values. Overall a buff though.
    Its a fat bastard now
    Rest of the tier6's and below:
    Zero changes worth mentioning, apart from the hetzer losing some 20mm weakpoints near the front wheels.
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    concep reacted to MissNurki in Tom Clancy's The Division   
    Honestly, there are so many crybabies throwing their shit out of their pram the sec there is an issue, running to the forums to cry their tits off or goes to slam TD in some comment section/rating. My god, how some ppl lived through WOT I will never know- and it probably cost them a lot more RL money than TD.
    There were two open betas, ppl had PLENTY of time to try it out and consider if this was the game for them or not. They didn't release the game with more bugs than on the testing, and whatever bugs/issues that has come along has been fixed. And they've fixed it years faster than WG would. And suggestions are taken into serious consideration and plenty of them has been implemented. It's insanely rare to see cheaters anymore, as they get auto-banned for using those engines. I rarely have any bugs, the only one I have is that sometimes the healing gun fails to go off, but that's once every 20 heal or something. I can count on one hand hand how many times that has seriously affected me in the 319 hours I've played this game. If someone is completely ridden with bugs to the point where they can't play, they should do an integrity check on the game files. My computer isn't amazing, although it ain't bad either, it runs this game just fine with very minimal issues- none of them preventing gameplay.
    People cry their tits off because they get rekt in PVP. And since there are so many utter shit ppl, their voices get really loud, as the good players in TD doesn't spend time on the forums to boast or teach, too busy reking face. The community in TD isn't like in tanks. The only similar thing is the crybabies.
    In conclusion, if you are pretty shit at games, like in general, don't buy this to go PVP. You'll be sorry. Skill gap might be even more visible than in tanks. Me and a friend kept our ground alone agains 6 other players, while we were on Manhunt, backed into a dead end. People are soooo bad, and they are really butthurt about it too. That in-game voice chat is amazing. Saluting the dead body of a rouge while singing "Ave Maria" in voice chat, doesn't get any better than that.

    Also, I wasn't talking about anyone here, just triggered by the huge group of fucking pussies that keep affecting ppls opinion with their constant whining.
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    concep reacted to MacusFlash in 9.15 - first patch notes   
    Changes in the garage:
    - now you can see 3D model of every tank in tech trees 
    - changes to list of base tank stats, added new ones
    - parameters are in 5 groups
    - added dynamic tank stats
    - added info about how modules and equipment improve tank stats
    - game will show us how many players cap the base and how long it will take
    - option "remember recipient" is set to default
    - improved physics https://youtu.be/EiAHtOuV40Y
    - better tank filter
    - added sounds for camo net and binos
    - more exp for playing in platoon (% depends on tier)
    - added option to chose speakers configuration
    - new crosshair
    - new zoom: x16 and x25
    - added ping and servers status on start screen
    - Waffle E-100 replaced with Grille 15
    - changes to: 59-Patton, Skoda T 40, Challenger, Achilles, T-54 LT, T-22sr, A-32, Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha, Pz.Kpfw. V/IV, KanJPz, T95E2, T95E6, M56 Scorpion, Type 95 Heavy, Type 91 Heavy, STA-2, O-I, O-I Experimental, Heavy Tank No. VI. 
    (give some time to translate them from ruski) 
    - supertester received KV-4 Kreslavsky, Object 268 wariant 5, T71 CMCD, T-45
    - new 19 tank in HD
    - fixed visual models of following tanks: T-34-85, StuG III Ausf. G, Type 62
    Technical stuff
    - changed some personal missions
    - fixed pop-ups 
    - Awesomium replaced with Chromium
    - final version of CoreEngine 3.0: better performance on some configs, improved lighting (smokes and explosions), added DX11
    Sources: http://www.dom1n.com/newsy/9-15-patchnoty/ 
    Tanks (left T-22, Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha, Pz.Kpfw. V/IV, Type 95 Heavy, Type 91 Heavy) 
    Current values in bracktes
    Reverse speed - 16km/h (20km/h)
    View range - 370m (400m)
    Aim time - 2,3 (2,5)
    Reload - 7,5 (7,6)
    Accuracy - 0,36 (0,38)
    T40 Skoda
    Stantard ammo penetration 145mm (132mm)
    Movement bloom reduced by 40%
    Turret traverse bloom increased by 4%
    Reload for QQF 17-pdr AT Gun Mk. VII set to 4,4 (4,6)
    Accuracy of QQF 17-pdr AT Gun Mk. VII set to 0,32 (0,33)
    Challenger (I skipped some changes for stock version)
    Tank traverse 28 (26)
    Movement bloom reduced by 14% (Challenger chassis)
    Hull traverse bloom reduced by 7% (Challenger chassis)
    Movement bloom reduced by 15% (Avenger chassis)
    Hull traverse bloom reduced by 8% (Avenger chassis)
    Reload (Challenger turret) 4,4 (4,5)
    Accuracy 0,32 (0,34)
    Turret traverse bloom reduced by 20%
    Accuracy 0,3 (0,33)
    T-54 LT
    Reload (D-10T)- 8,2 (7,6)
    Aim time (D-10T 1945) - 2,1 (2,2)
    Reload (D-10T 1945) - 8,3 (7,5)
    Aim time - 0,44 (0,53)
    Ammo penetration - 98mm (66mm)
    Movement bloom increased by 20%
    Hull traverse bloom increased by 20%
    Aim time - 1,8 (2)
    Penetration - 238mm (218mm)
    Added shells DM502 and M431
    M56 Scorpion
    Movement bloom reduced by 12%
    Hull traverse bloom reduced by 12%
    Turret traverse bloom reduced by 29%
    Reverse speed - 17km/h (12km/h)
    Aim time - 1,9 (2)
    Movement bloom reduced by 36%
    Hull traverse bloom reduced by 36%
    View range - 400m (390m)
    Turret traverse speed - 44 (32)
    Terrain resistance decreased by 22%/20%/10%
    Aim time - 2 (2,3)
    Accuracy - 0,38 (0,4)
    Hull traverse speed on stock chassis - 16 (20)
    Hull traverse speed on elite chassis - 18 (22)
    Movement bloom (elite chassis) increased by 11%
    Hull traverse bloom (elite chassis) increased by 22%
    Reload of 10cm gun - 12 (11,1)
    Turret traverse bloom (10cm gun) increased by 14%
    Reload of 15cm gun - 26 (25)
    Turret traverse bloom (15cm gun) increased by 12%
    Turret traverse speed - 18 (20)
    Hitpoints - 950 (970)
    O-I Experimental (again no stock modules, it's pointless to translate their changes)
    Hull traverse speed - 22 (24)
    Hull traverse bloom increased by 10%
    Aim time (10cm gun) - 2,8 (2,6)
    Reload (10cm gun) - 10 (9,7)
    Aim time (12cm gun) - 2,9 (2,6)
    Reload (12cm gun) - 10,5 (9,6)
    Turret traverse bloom (12cm gun) increased by 29%
    Turret traverse speed - 22 (26)
    Heavy Tank No. VI
    Stantard ammo penetration 145mm (132mm)
    Reload - 7,5 (7,1)
    After firing bloom reduced by 14%
    Penetration - 212mm (185.9mm)
    Added shells M71 and Type 70
    T-22 great nerf 


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    concep reacted to Assassin7 in WN8, WN9, and Stat Padding   
    This is something I have been seriously thinking about for a while now, and its mainly to do with the whole "stat padding" mindset that has started dominating over the last year or two. 
    We all know about it, and we all know its wildly considered pretty cheap and is downtrodden. But, personally, I think its effecting the way we play, and our tank choices, its going way to far. I mean, hell, even Rexxie a few months ago said it himself that he hates playing "good" tanks because hes subconsciously afraid of "Stat padding" by playing good tanks, but, frankly, I don't see much that ISN'T stat padding nowadays:
    if you play below tier 8, you are stat padding
    if you play a tier 9 medium (namely the E-50, T-54, and M46) you are stat padding
    if you play a tier 10 RU medium, you are stat padding
    if you play a Light Tank, you are Stat padding.
    tanks like the E5 and IS-7 can be considered stat padding tanks, basically mobile heavies. 
     heck, people have informed me while playing a lot of the other tier 10 meds that they are considered stat padding tanks - even the STB-1 (which is retarded beceause its expected is so much higher than everything else)
    if you play one tank for a large number of games, you can be considered using it to stat pad, even if its a PoS tank, because omg low expected = good stats
    This basically leaves us with playing slow heavies or TDs at tier 9-10. 
    frankly, this trend started happening, at least with WN8 and IMO, with Garbad - when he started raving on about the low expected on the T-62A and how people were stat padding in it because of this. people were like "omg this has low expected its a stat padding tank" and people have just started getting more and more into the whole "this is stat padding" thing. heck, WN9 is adding a "platoon penalty" to do what? give lower values for people "stat padding" by playing in platoons constantly. I mean, COME ON. its going too far. people are forgetting about having fun, and are too worried about how their 500 games in the T-54 will be considered "stat padding" by everyone else - but thats the whole thing, most of the tier 9 meds can be considered "stat padding" tanks anyway, save for probably the Lorraine and Type 61, so what tanks aren't "stat padding" if all of the others are? its the same for light tanks, pretty much all of them really, play them a lot, "stat padder" the ELC is probably the biggest "stat padding" tank though. 
    the sad part is, the vast number of these "stat padding" tanks are the best tanks at their tiers and roles, and are generally very fun tanks. why would I play something less likely to get me results simply because I won't be "stat padding" in it. why would I play a Type 61 instead of an M46 simply because the M46 is a more stat paddy tank? 
    Personally, my opinion is this: the expected WN8 values for a tank are based on the average server performance of everyone playing that tank. if the average performance of the T-62A is lower than the average performance of the Object 140, then why should it be considered stat padding? they are all run through the same calculations, you do that much better or worse than the average player in that tank. thats not really padding in it, if the average player base is only doing that much. 
    the point I am trying to make is, well, who really cares? so what if you play the T-54 a lot?  its a good, fun tank. who cares if your favourite tank in the game is the T67? as long as you don't claim to be good at tier 10 when you clearly don't play above tier 5 I see no issue. thats not padding, thats just having fun in the tanks you enjoy. 
    who cares if you platoon a lot? platoons give you natural penalties in stats anyway, especially when playing with other good players, just because there is naturally less damage to go around because of said platoon mates. Frankly, the platoon thing Irks me extremely badly, since as most people know I only ever platoon nowadays. thats fun to me, and I don't see why I should be punished in terms of stats for playing the game how I enjoy it, just because some people think that im padding my stats by platooning. padding what though? win rate, last time I checked WN8 really didn't take much weight on Win rate anyway, so why does it matter? and as I said before, what I might gain from win rate I would lose on the drop in DPG anyway, so it evens out. 
    TL;DR, the anti stat padding mindset has gone too far, and I think its way over the top and it needs to be thought about. we are trying to hard to make an "unpaddable" metric and everyone is forgetting that its a game and its supposed to be fun, and by punishing all the fun parts of the game via stat reduction its destroying the whole concept.
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    concep reacted to OOPMan in Tom Clancy's The Division   
    Finally reached level 30 :-)

    My character is still pretty ass but he's improving slowly. Secondary DPS with the Vector is 52k,  nice for then enemies get close.
    Have to say, M60 is definitely the best LMG imho. It's the slowest to reload but is much more accurate and stable than the M249 and Mk46. Those two reload a tiny bit faster but are extremely hard to control. The LSW and RPK, of course, reload fastest. but their clip size and range are pretty weak-sauce so I'm not too keen on them.
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    concep reacted to Kitten in Tom Clancy's The Division   
    So the first person just hit the DZ level cap. Wow.
    Also, you can glitch into central park lol: http://www.pcgamer.com/division-players-escape-to-central-park-and-beyond/
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    concep reacted to OOPMan in Tom Clancy's The Division   
    Played some DZ with concep. Unfortunately my 27/10 character didn't really stand up well in his 30/30 DZ :-)
    Still, had some pretty hilarious experiences fighting lvl 32 enemies :-)
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    concep reacted to Assassin7 in Tom Clancy's The Division   
    I took the opposite approach.
    The video that most of us have probably seen if that guy who went 3 on 1 at point blank with some russian 13 year olds in the beta influenced me a fair bit. i've spent time making sure im as overpowered as humanely possible for each level I am at because I want to be able to beat absolutely every threat I may come up against at every level with no problem, which so far has been working out for me. I can compete with enemies up to around 3 levels above me pretty comfortably,  i was lvl 10 doing a lvl 13 mission with a friend on hard and cleaning out enemies just as fast as he was. 
    Its especially useful when soloing in the DZ, at level 17 i got jumped by a lvl 19 rouge, and then managed to surpress him and cause him to retreat because He actually couldn't beat me and lost half his health every time he poked. 
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    concep reacted to Fulvin in What is a Furry?   
    You know how animefags fap to girls with cat ears? Furries are kind of more of the same but they like their catgirls more hairy.
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    concep reacted to CarbonWard in M48A1 Optimal Setup   
    Commander 6th sense, Bia, situational awareness+recon
    safe stowage and repair/camo for rest
    The goal of this setup is to be able to push to up to 480 viewrange without optics, which is more than sufficient for every situation
    M48's biggest shortcoming is its low final accuracy value, all the crew skill stacking is not even as much about DPM viewrange as it is about lowering your accuracy, with all these things, you can lower your actual accuracy from 0.36 to 0.32.
    Don't need repairs on commander if you only have a 4 skilled crew, since vent/bia/cola alwso boosts repair/camo skills of rest of the crew, even with just 3 crews having repairs and camo it is enough.
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    concep got a reaction from VikkoTheTusken in German Lights Introduced To Blitz   
    SP 1C is basically the only competitive one of the bunch. The Ru just can't do as much and I don't know why. Maybe the autoloader in the SP 1C is better for Blitz? I have no idea.
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    concep reacted to Never in [Update][02/22] WN Expected Values Table Updated to v26   
    New values.
    As per:
    Also did a quick change to the code, so now the version in the WoTLabs expected values page (which I had forgotten to change ever since v21) updates automatically when the table updates.
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    concep reacted to Pyr0freak in An underrated YouTuber: SirFoch   
    I am here today to talk about the man known as SirFoch, whose YouTube channel is TheFochYou. I highly recommend you check his content out, and here is why:
    He is a deep-purple player His play style differs from most unicums in that he almost never uses premium ammo He explains his thought process and map tactics during the game He is extremely entertaining and says it like it is I knew about this dude for a while, but not until recently when I started on the path to self-improvement did I really start paying attention to his videos.
    I'm trying to advertise his channel a little bit because WoTLabs is full of people trying to hit that purple-tier gameplay, and while most people might know about QuickyBaby and TheMightyJingles, IMHO this guy is better than both of them and deserves much more subs / views. Of course, he simply doesn't upload that often or do giveaways / other crap to get him to that spot, but nevertheless I think anyone who hasn't seen any of his videos should check him out.
    His YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFochYou
    And as for those who know about him, what do you guys think of SirFoch?
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    concep got a reaction from VikkoTheTusken in WoT Blitz to come to PC.... wait a second   
    No codes because WG uses iTunes/Google Play/Windows Store for purchases instead of the usual browser-based store for regular WoT PC.
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    concep got a reaction from VikkoTheTusken in WoT Blitz to come to PC.... wait a second   
    What even... Blitz devs just can't get anything right. First, they buff the IS-7 so that it can perform the role of a medium tank and now this shit.
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    concep reacted to Nelson2011 in Tom Clancy's The Division   
    Open beta stars Feb 19th!!! Also http://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-US/news/152-237962-16/announcing-the-division-open-beta?ncid=1628-3502-None--2-odsocmed-16-22-OpenBetaNewsFB_org--17-19-8-0216 "The development team has resolved most of the PC cheating issues tracked during the closed beta, and all of them will be resolved by launch on March 8. The developers will continue to closely monitor the open beta for any new issues, and address them accordingly." kek
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    concep reacted to Nelson2011 in Tom Clancy's The Division   
    This the cheapest I've seen the gold edition go for https://uk.gamesplanet.com/game/tom-clancy-s-the-division-gold-edition-uplay-key--2631-2 comes out around to $72 USD, other than that it goes for $80 on amazon if you have prime.
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    concep reacted to kolni in 9.14 patch notes   
    Disclaimer: I'm shit at translating. I have not changed any hard facts though and the vague statements are left as they are for interpretation/better suited to translate.
    Test 9.14 will start next week, if there are no bugs to be found in 0.9.14 ST1 compared to 0.9.13.
    1. A new server model movements and collisions with the surface of the tank, tanks and other objects. 
    2. Added new maneuvers, some changes in the behavior of the tank and its management.
    3. Added new visual effects and motion tanks turns (slipping, sliding). 
    4. Adapted behavior when ramming, and colliding with another tank. 
    5.Implemented mechanics tank coup. 
    Reworked sound of main subsystems:
    1. Integrated new audio engine FMOD Audiokinetic Wwise instead. This allowed to calculate the audio on non-core nucleus that gave performance gains in almost all configurations with multi-core processors. 
    The sound of gun shots, both inside and outside of the tank, while maintain the familiar Kalibrovoy scheme.
    Reload sounds. The sound not only corresponds to the size, but depends on the type of loading - manual or automatic (for drums or such as the IS-3A).
    The sound of breaking. Now the player can hear not only the caliber or the type of penetration, but also damage to the power of his tank.
    Reworked tracer sounds.
    Reworked sound event destruction techniques.
    Completely redesigned voice tank engines.
    Completely redesigned voice tracks, transmission, interaction with various surfaces.

    3. Redesigned and returned to the gameplay "bell Critical" - audio notification of critical damage to the enemy, by you. 
    4. Sixth sense will have a designated sound.                                                                                                                                                                   5. Voiced sound notifications breakage tank units (triplex, tanks, tower, radio, boeukladki). 
    6. Voiced the main battle consumables (first aid kit, repair kit, fire extinguisher). 
    7. Introduced audio presets designed for playing on different acoustics and at different times of the day. 
    1.3 of General Features
    1. In the tab "Course of the young soldier," added goal-forming unit with the task of "Maneuvers" for players 4-5 in the art. (I have trouble translating this properly)
    2.Reduced the number of modules in the early levels of technology to simplify the mechanics of development.
    3. Improved system of filters and tooltips in the interface storage and activation of the personal allowance.
    4. Card Clan:
    Added search tab clan in "fortified area", Improved visual component.
    5. On the loading screens modified display setting. Allowing players to choose between 3 screens:
    Current loading sceen, team setups Minimap Load prompting (sounds vague to me but that's what I found)
    6. added the Belarussian, Ukrainian and Kazakh languages. 

    7. The screen on the Tab button is added to the short name of the player tank and icon of the tank class. Information about a particular tank the player is in isn't transferred to the Tab screen at all as long as the player does not respawn in a new tank. If all the tanks destroyed by the player in a battle mode with a limited amount of respawns, then passed the information on its latest destroyed tank. (I think this applies to rampage missions but I'm not sure because my translating is shit) I think this means you will be able to see what tanks everyone's playing at all times  (?)
    8. Added the ability to display on the mini-map:
    Tank view range
    Max view range of the tank
    Range rendering technology

    1.4 (Tanks)

    1. Added to supertest:
    Soviet HT Kirovets tier VIII-1 (does this mean a limited MM T8?)
    Tier 8 American MT T25 Pilot Number 1
    Tier IX French MT Bat.-Châtillon 25t AP
    Tier 7 German LT leKpz M 41 90 mm
    Tier 6 British MT Sentinel AC IE2 / IV
    Tier X German TD Grille 15 (the WT. auf E 100 replacement)

    2. Reworked in new visual as 24 tanks models:
    M44, M53 / M55, T20, T40, T1 Heavy Tank, T28 Prototype
    E 25, Pz.Kpfw. T 25, GW Tiger, Nashorn, VK 30.01 (H), VK 72.01 (K)
    IS-6, MS-1, A-20
    105 leFH18B2, AMX 50 Foch (155)
    AT 15, Crusader, Sexton II
    Type 3 Chi-Nu, Type 97 Chi-Ha, Type 5 Ke-Ho, Chi-Ni

    3. Refined visual models of some tanks: SU-100, EC, M4 Sherman, Centurion Mk. 7/1 
    4. Refined collision-model some tanks: T29, T30, T34 
    5. Added equipment "ventilation" in the list of available equipment for T28 Prototype.  (this means closed roof)
    6. Changed configuration T95E2 tank crew to comply with the tank crew configuration M48A1 Patton. 
    7. Fixed minor bugs visual models of some tanks.
    1.5 the Maps 
    1. In Rampage Mode the map "Paris" will be added 
    2. Produced rework of "Sacred Valley" (HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE)
    Technical Improvements: 
    1. Fixed defects for customization functionality.
    2. Improved user interface, added conditions on nanensiyu customization elements for equipment for the implementation of individual missions.
    3. Implemented off voice for Alt + Q. Added ability to change shortcut settings. 
    4. Improved interface elements shopping cart customization. 
    5. The purchase confirmation window implemented the ability to see the customization elements, grouped by type (camouflage, logos, inscriptions). 
    6. In the proof of purchase implemented the ability to change the currency (gold to silver and vice versa).
    7. Fixed incorrect references to ASIA languages, KR in client. 
    8. Improved behavior of the camera when approaching objects. 
    Source: http://wot-news.com/main/postmsg/176985/35764/3/test-914
    All in all this looks good to me. New sounds, some fixing and me hoping that HD will do the Foch 155 armour model some justice..
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