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  1. This tank is hawt garbage. Crew and module damage every shot, poor characteristics. I used top turret and the 10.5 cause it made it kinda different. This tanks bad, and for those who are about to grind it, youll prolly feel bad playing it. GL.
  2. Done with the TVP VTU... :kreygasm:

    so bad, so so bad

  3. I platoon almost exclusively with http://wotlabs.net/na/player/hattoriluxferre and it usually works out to at least a 60% w/r. Chemistry is real in this game cause me and him have played so long we know what each other are going to do so we save hp or yolo accordingly. Ive played with unicums, tomatos, and everything in between and found most arnt really enjoyable to play with. Best toon mates are the ones that know how to react off you or vise versa.
  4. Wish your dad didnt leave your mom? Tired of your shit job? Well, FLAVA cant help you there, but we are recruiting. Requirements Were just looking for active players with some viable stronghold tanks at the moment. Be able to move your tank with the keyboard and not be a bot. Goals Help people get better, play some SH and a lil CW, and laugh.
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/thefannypackhero/v/109663562


    LT15.4 in the t49. Now i just need TD15 and the 260 is mine.    \o/

  6. Ima flat work concrete dude(driveways, sidewalks, garages, basements, patios). I also use my bobcat and grade/ level out peoples yards to get water away from the house. Where my concrete brothers at? \o/
  7. I get on Wotlabs to see if any new thread interest me. I then see this and think to myself, huh, what mistakes are the good players making. Then i read half of this trash and my eyes start burning. Posts like this is why ill never go back to the official forums. Please, take this post and put it over there where it belongs.
  8. Vstab, rammer, optics is all you need on this tank of goodness. Ive had mine forever cause it was the first med line i went down. Id say keep optics no matter what, i got my third mark without any need for vents or food (im not baller enough for food) cause you can spot for yourself and not rely on goofs. Imo optics in randoms is way more useful then a lil less reload with vents and why drain your credits with food on a T8? (you damage whore you!). Cut thru TD camo, make people call out "HACKS!". Laugh at being fodder tier with 265 prem round pen and watch as you pester shit with your hulldown
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