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  1. Having a name and email that were exactly the same, WG made me change my name several months ago. Is there any possible way to change my Wotlabs forum name to match my current WoT name? Sorry if this is the wrong place or my question just sucks.
  2. Object430. Good luck in recruiting tho.
  3. Since when? The guy is a fuckboy. Has always been a fuckboy. And will always be a fuckboy.
  4. Yo dawg, you only have 2000 battles. You'll get there.
  5. Because of work, I play at very late hours, and this has lead to a substantial decrease in both my overall and 60-day WR. While my recent WN8 isn't horrible, I'm worrying more about my WR as it continues to fall. Is there a way to successfully solo-pad it? Or should I try and find other night-players such as myself?
  6. Sounds like a problem with your front panel connectors. Maybe try taking a look inside your case or re-connecting your cables.
  7. Had a falling out with member of old clam, and to reduce drama, I left. Currently at four 10s: 140, E-100, IS-7, and JgPz. Close to fifth: E5. Available most nights. Would prefer a tourney clam for more tonks and gold (poor college student), but CW is fun too.
  8. __________________________________________________ We are a clan who has a really great bunch of players all interested in getting better and improving the clan as a whole. RDDTV has been growing a lot lately in organizational structure and by facilitating better communication of its membership in terms of what is expected of them in order to grow RDDTV into the clan that it should be as a reddit sub clam. We have recently restructured our training in order to more appropriately gauge members shortcomings so that they might be addressed and worked on. With this said it should be your expectat
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