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  1. I am aware that tanks get fires from either their engine being set on fire, or their fuel tanks' HP being reduced to 0. If a tank (e.g a tier 10 RU med) gets fuel tank fires, you can only get an AFE to combat it, unless you go full retard with CO2 tanks. If a tank (e.g a T95) gets engine fires, you can combat it with AFE and Preventative maintenance. Right? So if i want to take food on a tank and i don't think it's worth dropping a Med Kit to keep the AFE i usually give the crew the preventative maintenance perk as a 3rd or 4th skill depending on the tank to reduce the chance of me getting raped by a fire, if my crew was 5 skill I'd probably get fire-fighting skills and get rid of preventative, but not many of my crews are 5 skill. I recently found out that the Bat does not get engine fires like i thought but instead gets lit up by its fuel tanks, so I've trained the Bat's driver with preventative and had that crew skill being wasted this whole time like an absolute mug, the Bat's driver also happens to have many useful skills which makes it even worse. So is there a way of telling what tanks have what types of fires? can you tell by looking at your modules as you're on fire (i guess you could check the replay, before your AFE puts the fire out maybe) or is it stated somewhere in the garage or on some site? I have preventative on quite a few tanks, 50B and IS-7 are ones i remember and I'd rather not waste crew slots just because I'm ill-informed.
  2. Couldn't have gotten through my A-Levels without this... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/151859611049?adgroupid=16885268106&hlpht=true&hlpv=2&rlsatarget=pla-124272978066&adtype=pla&ff3=1&lpid=122&poi=&ul_noapp=true&limghlpsr=true&device=c&chn=ps&campaignid=270621186&crdt=0&ff12=67&ff11=ICEP3.0.0-L&ff14=122&viphx=1&ops=true&ff13=80
  3. Yeah, you hit the T29 wreck >.< did you even watch the replay?
  4. Like other people have said, can't you get them to tell you 10 mins before they want you to do said chore, giving you time to finish the battle if you're in one? It's really not unreasonable at all...
  5. Rudy is better. The 34-85-M does have a fit arse tho'
  6. Fucking WG messing everything up as usual, it's not like there aint enough Chi-Ri's plaguing tier 7 matches already... On a serious note though, 430 buff might actually make completing the T10 Ruski med collection meaningful
  7. Deadmau4

    IS-3 Help

    Game 1: You went too deep, you didn't leave yourself an exit route. Got raped. Game 2: You got to a nice forward position, you could have retreated if necessary (albeit when you needed to retreat, you just sat there and died) but when you were in that position you did pretty much fuck all, the only damage you did was when your allies had died and they pushed you. The reason people get into good positions is not to make the enemy team jealous of your snazzy little rock, it's to be in a position where you can dish out damage efficiently, you needed to be thinking "ok, how can i start punishing these enemies as fast as possible while they're not in cover without loosing more HP than i want" Game 3: At the start, that CDC yoloed for no reason... but use it to your advantage, he's not only completely distracting the two enemies in front of him, he's also spotting any enemies that might usually prevent you from pushing round the corner. You drifted off to the left and basically didn't shoot anything, you tried to shoot the T28 but couldn't, then left your team mates to ineffectually battle a SP and btw if you want to reverse side scrape you need to be at a steeper angle that that (as you learned the hard way) reverse side scraping is a valid tactic in some situations but in general i wouldn't bother it takes ages to set up for it, then you have no way of retaliating if say the SP damages you and falls back, you can't peek out/chase him because it takes you more than his reload just to turn around. Game 4: You dawdle around for a minute and then... Oh god... pls no... push middle? Ok, you were unlucky that that retard of a Bat yoloed you loosing all of his HP but even if he didn't you can't push middle that early in a game, there is no cover and there are always base camping fuckwitts that will just stop your push dead. just go to the flank you were on originally or even the other side. Game 5: You went too deep again, look at who can support you, think about who might be in front of you and push accordingly, you did a good job while you were there as it happened, but that was fairly lucky, they came at you 1 by 1 and you could have done more if you were more defensive, or more aggressive but in a different area where you had support. Your strengths seem to be: -Shooting and general aim -Situational awareness -Use of cover and armour -Aggression And weaknesses: -Knowing how far to push -Getting your gun in the game (you have a limited DPM, make it count) Hope it helps.
  8. Red fuel tanks do mean fire... right? you can have a red engine with no fire but you can't move, fuel tanks don't seem to actually do anything except get set on fire.
  9. I like the way they release all those birds at the end. To coat their shiny new military equipment... in pigeon shit
  10. You could always fully zoom out and put the camera over the enemy tank? effectively getting their point of view, giving you a close up of them. You can zoom out pretty far with that mod so this could be used for at least medium-close distances. It would take fkn ages though...
  11. I'll try give a quick review of this game because nobody replied and that's not very fun for you. http://wotreplays.eu/site/2073497#fisherman_s_bay-rubezahl-t69 1. why do you have Octane as your 3rd consumable? it's basically useless. Take an auto fire extinguisher or a standard fire extinguisher. 2. at the start of the game, cut the witty banter and drive (unless you can get it in before the countdown timer starts) getting to positions quickly at the start of a match is often a big deal. 3. 20 HE is more than you'll even need and you could run out of APCR with only 40 that gun being the stock one you'll probably bounce your HE off most tanks it won't even splash, you could still pen RHM's and WT's but i'd just take 5 at most. Ok, i'll go through the game now i guess 14:15- you have basically set yourself up in a position where you can't shoot anything until the enemy is right over your side of the map (by then you will have lost already) unconfident players tend to "camp" like you're doing because they always die when they leave their bush because they don't have the spacial awareness to survive whilst being spotted, whils't it's true that in a bush you have to concentrate a lot less in order to play, if you do actually want to get good, you'll need to leave the bushes (at least the ones at the back) and go play "World Of Tanks", not "Bunker simulator". Camping is the single worst strategy for winning random games as it takes you and anyone else camping out of the game for most of the match, so your tanks on the front line are fighting the enemy but they are down a tank already in their engagement... YOU! If you only take away one point today let it be this 12:32- Just take a second to look at the map (if you don't have your map enlarged i'd recommend making it pretty big, it's a large part of being good at the game) there are literally no enemies within 700 meters of you so there is absolutely no reason to stay as far back as you are unless of course you're half way through an oil painting of a quaint European fishing village from the perspective of a Shrubbery enthusiast... You could push up to the G-line, the E-line or even K1 in order to become more useful. 12:10- About fucking time! 11:34- you have literally 0 chance of penning this E-100 unless he turns his turret at 90 degrees to you 11:30- arty popped up (make your map big and you will have more chance of seeing these things) you most likely have a shot either way it's worth checking 11:20- right now you have moved up, but are still being useless, you have no shots on anything, you should probably moved to either G3 to shoot into the enemys at their base, or G7 to go help clear out town/ pester the E-100, if you look at the map the only tanks you don't know where they are is a Bat and an E-100, the E-100 is in a platoon so he's probably near the other one (i'd guess E/F8) the bat however could be anywhere and will easily kill you if you over extend. you could push to the houses in E/D7 to see what's there whilst remaining far enough back that the 121,E-100 and arty could help you if an enemy aggressed upon you. 11:13- the Bat has been spotted in town, take note. 11:07- WOT's penetration guide is BS you still can't pen him so don't even bother. 11:07- the E5 is spotted in town also. 11:05- the E-100 is spotted in mid, you now know where every single tank is (except arty but you know the clickers will be bushwanking in the corner wishing they could play real tanks) now is the time to act upon the info you have and decide "right, i know where they all are, which one should i kill" the obvious answer is the E5/Bat as they are isolated and pose a threat to your E-100/121/Arty 10:57- dont load HE, you'll do 0 dmg, or close to 0 10:48- the bat is going for your arty 10:20- told you 10:05 "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results"-Albert Einstein... are you Insane? Ok, i'm assuming you play most of your games at low tiers because there is no way you'd get a 48% wr at high tiers with games like that, that was a tier 10 game, you were always going to struggle but you did absolutely nothing to put yourself in a position to do damage, a harsh comment maybe, but if we look at what you did; you camped for the first half of the battle and for the second half you bounced off an E-100... That is it... nothing else... It seems the areas you need to improve are situational awareness, you didn't appear to know what was going on or who was where, you had shot on the M55 and the Bat but you were focusing all of your powers on increasing your penetration and missed it all. Another area would be knowing where to go on all the maps, you didn't put yourself in any good positions, to start with i'd suggest finding some same speed tanks on your team and following them to their initial positions, you'll learn where fast tanks go on certain maps and where slow tanks go on others. Finally choosing engagements seems to be another weak point, know what you can and cannot pen and shoot tanks accordingly wasting all your time shooting E-100's does nothing to help the team, if you drove at full speed into the side of the E5, unloaded your clip, only penned 2 and then rammed him for 100 dmg and killed yourself that's still 400 damage dealt to a tier 10... 4x what you achieved in this game, i'm not saying you should ram E5's Per Se, just make sure you're always trying to do damage effectively. I hope that wasn't too brutal, Best of luck.
  12. Guess it'd be nice if we actually studied your tape Hahaha, that start tho' way to try to throw the game in the first 20 seconds... yes it was definitely your fault, you drove into the RHM for a start, you then proceeded to drift into the Type 61 pushing him off the side then on top of that you turned left which would obviously push your back out into him tipping him into the water... then you ask the enemy to report him? wtf dude. 13:30- why didn't you shoot the 54 LWT just auto aim him and fire if you don't want to stop, although i would have stopped and taken a snap shot then carried on if i were you. 13:29- just stop and secure the kill. 13:12- very nice use of the hill for hulldown only exposing a tiny silhouette for the T28 12:48- Finish the T28... why do you not want to kill anything. you will rld before him and there is nothing else with a shot on you 11:00- the base is in the middle, dunno what base you're trying to defend, i'd just have kept pushing into the south west then taken the castle area, the north west side of the map is clearly lost so just leave it. 10:20- you have pretty meh shots from up here, i wouldn't have stayed there for very long 08:38- aim in between the buildings he might cross/turn sideways try to shoot him then pull back (he did as it happens) 07:50- you need to track that E5 so he can't rape your JP, aim for his track, wait for him to turn then track him, he will have to turn if he want's to keep flanking your JP so anticipate this and take advantage 07:37- you're using autoaim, you can see that it is autoaiming for his well angled side so stop autoaiming and aim for his back, or drive forwards/backwards until the shot has a chance of penning 07:27- don't let him escape the JP is coming In terms of: If you can, keep pushing, get behind the enemy (y'know, crossfire n' all) there was no need to defend the base and if it did need defending and you were sniping from up there guess how many shots before the enemy thought... "maybe i should put a house between me and this Cent"... probably 1 or even 0 because it's obvious. Also when you're brawling with a similar dpm and hp enemy (the E5) make sure you use your full dpm and don't facehug him unless you were trying to block him (which it transpired you clearly weren't). You played fairly well on the Eastern flank though. GG
  13. I think a micro patch fucked it all up, i can't either, i can only see my replays if i move them from the replays folder back out to World_Of_Tanks
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