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  1. I have Bulldog, but not fully upgraded... 8's are ru,is3,50100, and a few more.
  2. http://empire.goodgamestudios.com?ic=5N-2ZDH1&w=199947
  3. Majestiic

    Goodgame Empire

    Hello, Been playing this building/War game for quite sometime now. They recently added a thing where you invite friends and you get rewards, so wanted to share this with anyone interested. This game includes; -Economy- wood, stone, coins -Building- You have to constantly upgrade things, similar to Clash of Clans. -Attacking- You attack people for glory and honor. -Alliances/Clans- There are clans that you can join (65 member cap), you can have pacts, naa, and wars of course... Pretty addictive game, lots of fun when you play with friends, and can also make lots of friends... If you want to give it a try, link below. http://empire.goodgamestudios.com?ic=5N-2ZDH1&w=199947 Lots of fun... If you have any questions about this game, i will answer them to the best of my ability.
  4. Can confirm good clan. Mapped MVP twice i believe..... Good Luck on recruitment, You guys really have a stable CW team.
  5. I might be able to do it depending on my schedule. So i will contact you later....
  6. Sure. I can show up everyday. This is for Friday-Sunday?
  7. Hello, I am currently looking for an active Skirmish Team. I want a team that can actually win >5k gold every week. I can provide any tanks you guys want, can show up all days unless something gets in the way..and will follow orders. Pm me here or post and you or i could contact you. Have a nice day! ^_^
  8. CGC arty, all ap, and have to average 5k dmg a game for 100 games. Will give you 20k gold.
  9. Looking for Team for Skirmish 50. I have t32, is3, 50 100, and t34. I should be on everyday.
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