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  1. Also have to take into account their tiering, as the T34 will see higher tier tanks, thus bigger, more accurate guns that aim faster and are more likely to overmatch.
  2. Please stop badpoasting. You're just making a ton of claims in this thread without any information backing it up. You keep saying the 50 100 is better without saying why. What makes the 50 100 better than the FCM (other than the gun/autoloader)? Note: I have both, and pretty much agree on the FCM being very similar to the 50 100. In fact, I feel like the FCM has slightly more usable frontal armor (even if barely). Not saying you're right or wrong, but that you're not contributing to the discussion positively. You're acting as if we should just take your word for it because you have pur
  3. Tracks also count as space, so the outer edge of the track all the way to the inner most part where you need to pen to to do damage is all space which HEAT is losing pen over. So even though it counts as 35mm armor, I believe it may be a lot more actual distance for HEAT pen loss.
  4. Anyways, we don't *need* the mobility, but having mobility means you can react to changes on the battlefield. Given the pubby nature of the game, you can't always predict when/where enemies are going to be. Having mobility means you can quickly relocate to support another flank, or turn around to not face that herpderp E3 head-on in some unexpected location and get your gun into the fight elsewhere quickly. Mobility is pretty damn important for any tank that wants to carry. A carry hard tank can either have great viewrange+camo (so it doesn't get spotted and shot at) or usable armor and a heal
  5. This is so true. Something similar could be said about the hull. The problem with the turret is that the cheeks are somewhat soft, and get very thin when not head-on.
  6. Completely agree on this. There's quite a lot I've learned since my red/yellow days, and much more still for me to learn. What is obvious to me now wasn't obvious at all a few months ago. Much of the knowledge took some reading to acquire, and some I had to pick up by watching better players making small but significant moves in the heat of the battle. Some of these things seem blatantly obvious afterwards, but it isn't always easy to get there.
  7. See, I've been hearing mixed opinions on the tier 9 Foch. So is it actually gud/bad?
  8. I agree it isn't great, but that bad? I guess I never knew the side armor was that thin, so something to keep in mind next time I see one. It's worse than the Lorraine?
  9. It's a battle tier 8 game. As others has said, it's working as intended.
  10. Yeah, I realize that. For example, an unproductive peek that didn't result in any damage is recoverable. It's more the situations where I end up pinned to a rock and end up being unproductive. Even if I get out of that position by being lucky, I want to make sure I don't make that mistake again.
  11. Only when researching the top gun on my heavy tanks.
  12. I can't seem to get myself to spend the time to do actual replay analysis. I do tend to critically reflect on what went wrong where in a match, especially with respect to my own actions. The biggest one I look for is where the first wrong move was on my part. As I've learned from the ever brilliant Day9 of SC/SC2 fame (and from my alma mater no less ), the first wrong move usually just snowballs and there's no point focusing on what happened after. I also look for key bad HP trades that happened, what available information I missed/disregarded that caused the bad trade, and what I could have d
  13. The key is willing to listen! I'm totally willing to platoon with others, but I hope for less derpy pub strats in a platoonmate. If you go forest on Murovanka, or any other equivalent on another map, even after I make my case, then I'll probably be done with the platoon after 2-3 games. I don't need to platoon to get the equivalent of another random pub.
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