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  1. REEEEE MY HOPES FOR NUMBER ONE HAVE JUST BECOME EXTREMELY HARD 1HeavyTwenty1362650.312.0273.53n/a2lft1472418.131.6961.90n/athat is for Caern.
  2. this tank really really blows, so it kinda fits for me to make a challenge I guess. shit tier player with shit tier tank, what could go wrong? just doing it for fun. Also... wanted to say, that I've noticed that whenever I do high DPGs in tanks, if I compare myself to other players with similar DPGs, like even compared to Garbad's E4 I always seem to have a lower KPG. I do prioritize damage over kills, but the win difference is usually negligable I find. Probably has to do with me being a camping fgt aswell.
  3. this tank really really blows, so it kinda fits for me to make a challenge I guess. I've already played like 16 battles in this tank, a few in a toon, and some of the replays in the pack will be in SHs (don't worry I actually did good though, so maybe they'll be usefull too). current stats here's my setup, I don't really have credits so yeah... will be a slow challenge. I might switch the 1st aid kit for a auto extinguisher. I'm expecting 2500dpg with a 65% wr because this tank is one of the biggest pieces of garbage I've ever played. I mean come on, like the fucking RU super unis only do 2
  4. You should rename the team to be called padded blue players.
  5. I really liked SU-101, but the 122mm was horrificly bad on it even though it had OP dpm... just coudn't fight tierXs with it. Anyway, I just free exp to 2nd to top engine and a decent gun with gold spam usually. If I want to dpg farm in that tank though, top equipment from free exp right there and then.

    1. IanSanJR


      wow. i watches several video that ahmed got arrested and it was hoax. he is just scaring someone.

    2. Sergeant_Fgt


      That obama feed sound like troll tbh. 'yeah come to the white house so we can bomb it up a lil and start another well organized war kappakappa' :kwim:

    3. MrsmilieyfaceC8


      no it's just for racism divisions.

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