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  1. Yo! Just want to let you know that I am moving over to TROII for the campaign. I'll be back in KITTY once campaign is over for more stronghold
  2. Quickybaby about KITTY: "Hell, I want to platoon with these people because they know how to play World of Tanks. Hell, we should get some platoons."
  3. They are kind of desperate trying to recruit officers. Btw, I was member of TROII from May to July this year. Joined you guys since I was tired for CW.
  4. Tier 6 SH does not require much coordination - just spam invites Touché. I saw this post coming the second we lost that battle.
  5. Our kitties plays Stronkhold regularly and does pretty well with a win rate 84.02% ... ... which is enough to beat S3AL's 83.99%
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