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  1. new phone who this

  2. Victrix


    Waiting on my new 3ds xl to arrive so I can nostalgia trip with oras
  3. Victrix

    "The Feast"

    I think it's a great deal, 50% off is really good if you consider how much you would spend if you bought all of the premiums D:
  4. oh there's a thread for this already naisu
  5. >log in after a year

    >last article september 2016

    >silver league ded

    >game ded

    please just let it fucking die LOL there are better games guys go play them

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. cavman276


      if I'm enjoying this game why the fuck would I leave


    3. kolni


      I actually have a close to finished article brah :doge: 

    4. Victrix


      Bad game lol

  6. where did the wotlabs chat go?


  7. Something about it has a therapeutic affect on me
  8. I combat anime with my fursona made out of razorblades
  9. yes thats what im talking about
  10. Why is there no osu thread friends pew
  11. anyone else play osu?


  12. The real question is it better than the best tier 8 tank in the game, the IS-3? Lets seee... The Armor The Gun The Traverse and Movement In literally every way other than traverse and movement, this is the better IS-3 imo, which makes credits. Lol This is clearly a bad tank and not worth a buy Jebaited
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