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  1. 50-120 is the worst 9 I have ever played

    fuck the 50b

    not worth playing an ass sponge

    the buff isnt really a buff, it just gives your enemies more of an opportunity to shoot your autopen turret


    3.3 sec interclip is amazing, especially when there are rumeds with 5.5 sec reload


    fuck this shit line, literally a waste of my time and gold


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    2. Flaksmith


      I understand exactly what Vic is talking about. I don't know what it's like on EU, but now days unless you got kewei's telepathic asian powers you can forget trying to make this thing work consistently on NA.

    3. Sapros


      I never said it was good because it doesn't need to fire APCR, but it's a nice perk for sure. Us poor EU shitters have real issues with premium ammo. Just ask Anfield.

      In fact, I never said it was that good to begin with, just absurdly easy to do well in, at least in my experience. Take from that what you will. 


    4. mati_14


      '' The only thing this tank is useful for is isolating lone tanks and doing 1200-1400 dmg to it and then running away ''

      This is how you must play most of autoloaders if you haven't noticed that... will you call bad 50B too because of this or what?

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