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  1. We all know in this game that there are lots of OP and UP tanks that either need to get nerfed or buffed. My choices: OP WT Pz. 4 - Amazing gun and camo. Only bad things are the armor and view range after the nerf. T-54 - All that is needed is the small nerf to the heat shells. Maybe from 330 to 300 or something. M3 Lee - Amazing gun, armor, camo, view range, speed, and everything else. UP Lowe - Turret armor and accuracy is the only plus on this tank T-43 - Everything but the speed and turret armor suck T25/2 - Mildly ok turr
  2. We usually run 3 T37s 4 Cromwells. What usually happens is... 1. They camp. 2. We establish their position. 3. We send a scout (preferably in a bush). 4. Everyone else whittles them down. 5. Full on rush. Thats what happens with tomatoes and oranges. Against any good teams that don't camp, you will have to figure that out on your own. Usually the strats of tier 6 lights and meds work best though.
  3. I gave you an internet Zepherex. I'm a tomato in terms of distance driven. I average 76 light years.
  4. I've recently had the idea of farming epic medals such as kolobonovs to make people warship me. Currently I only have one, but if I only played tanks like Cruiser IV I could get a couple more kolobonovs. Not saying they are easy to get, but its just pathetic in that thing. I want to know you bloonicums' thoughts on this. Should I farm medals to be cool? Or grind my stuff?
  5. Never learn to program lolcats. Its a legit best programming language in world. Very stronk. Looks like this: Hai Can Has Stdio? Visible "Hello world!" Kthxbye
  6. Tier 6 isn't a BAD tier for light tanks. It, tier 7 and tier 8 are all the best tiers. Tier 6 does have a weird spread of tanks, but look at tier 8. You have a T49 and the RU and the 13 90... thats a weirder spread. Tanks could not have more different guns. Tier 7 is most straight forward. In tier 6, just pick the T37 and 12t. Heigher pen then the other tanks and that is how you get the good exp. Same thing with type 64 if you fire prem ammo.
  7. Taunting only works in those Jingles videos you see. In reality, in the maybe 100 times I have tried to do it, it has never happened. Maybe one in a thousand battles this can happen, but only with terribads.
  8. I probably am taking this way too seriously. And by the way I used to work with terribads so thats probably why I take this way to seriously. @Gharirey You say that a 6-1 split is most well used but I disagree. That one tank can be lost and then you still are working with a 7 v 6 which any good clan will be able to defeat. I past clan was a bunch of terribads and I experimented with them. I found that this way is the best way.
  9. My guide to calling tier 6 Strongholds Strongholds Strongholds are very important battles. They help you earn industrial resources. Bigger clans often do tier 10 and tier 8 strongholds, but that is not the purpose of this guide. Lets get started! Restrictions: Only Tier 6 and below Up to 7 tanks. For the purpose of this guide, I will only be disscussing tactics when you have 7 players. When you have 6 players your tactics can be quite different. If you want another guide for 6 players, just post a reply. Right now I will talk about the best strategy for clans that are green and b
  10. Can't bribe rng to make sky cancer miss.

  11. Contributor please! Name is twicky2 for wordpress aswell.
  12. How do you get permission to write articles? Are only certain people allowed to do it?
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