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  1. I think it'll be used competitively even in league. Sure, it can't clip a tank out on its own, but given the DPM it has on an autoloading platform, it'll be super useful in a brawling wolfpack if that's what the map requires. Bat chat will still be the go-to solo flanker/scout of course.
  2. Battles are monday and wednesday night. we usually meet up around 8pm and battles go till about 11pm. Tuesdays and thursdays we practice for a few hours in the night around 8pm est (times have yet to be decided). Weekends we're keeping free for now but that may change. Let me know if you guys are interested. Contact me or nate235!
  3. Hey guys, The next season is rolling in for WGLNA silver. Pathetic Gaming is looking for players to fill our roster. We're a strong team looking to place high and maybe even get into gold league if all goes well. Our requirements are simple. Right now we want people with league/tournament experience or that are well versed in cooperative play and have the TIME and DEDICATION to stick with us as we work to better ourselves and beat the competition. We need players that have good experience in tier 10s in the tanks we will be using most (russian meds, is-7, e5, 50b etc). We
  4. Pathetic Gaming About us: We are a relatively new team made up of players that have been playing together for years. We started off in Silver league through the silver/bronze quals and made it to the playoffs but lost in a close tiebreaker in the first round. We've been pretty successful as a first-time team and now that we have more experience we're ready to push forward. We're looking for more players to fill our roster so we can continue kicking butt and get into Gold league. What we're looking for: League experience is a big plus.. it shows u
  5. Good luck recruiting! Biggest thing you want to make sure is that people you recruit are really interested in league play. Try to get people who watch the league matches every stream and stay up-to-date with the meta. It'll make your life much easier as they will understand how the strats work and will make smarter decisions on the battlefield without having to call them. Players that can shoot straight and share hp can be found relatively easy. Look for motivation/dedication and you'll have a long-lasting team!
  6. I always facepalm when I see someone ask for the 6th kill in public chat. If you get a medal handed to you without putting in the full effort, it just makes it that much less satisfying.
  7. I want to see more people using the name "CromB" (pronounced crom-bee) rather than "Bromwell." Bromwell just doesn't seem to roll off the tongue as nicely as CromB.. Thoughts?
  8. Your stats are fine for where you are. Pretty sure you're doing better than I was back at 5k games. You keep saying you're not playing properly. What are you basing that off of? Your stats seem to say otherwise.. Try one of the following things: 1) Limit your play to 1-2 hours a day after taking a few days off to get your head back on straight. Any normal person that plays this game for more than just a few hours a day, 7 days a week, will be raging MUCH more and having much less fun than someone who pops on every few hours. (I'm using myself as an example and a few friends I know that I've no
  9. Silver league is so much funz. 

  10. Hey guys, I'm part of a newly formed team (Pathetic Gaming) that's going to be delving into league play for the first time. We'll be doing the gold qualifiers (we don't expect to go too far but we want the experience and training) and would love to scrimmage with a few teams on some of the maps (mines, lakeville, ghost town) so we can get our strats together and league players used to each other and playing against league-quality teams. We played in the preseason but were in the bracket with the non-league teams (we placed 15 in that bracket despite being short a few players for a week) so
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