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  1. There are two modes in Rampage. In Domination, you need at least 1 tier 10. The other two tanks can be 8-10. Steel Hunt is only tier 10.
  2. I've researched a few tier 8 and 9 tanks from 100% stock to fully researched in Rampage/Domination. I've also elited a few tanks that I hated or got bored of playing in pubs.
  3. I'm looking for a clan that does a lot of strongholds; has a high WR in strongholds with structures at levels above 5; and has an average skill level at or above me. I don't like Clan Wars but would be willing to help out in special events and campaigns. I'm available at least 2 nights a week, some weeks 4-6 nights (shift work). Send me a PM or detachment invite in-game. FOUND A HOME: M--M Stronghold/Team Battle tanks in my garage:Tier 6: T37, Type 64, Cromwell(s), KV-85, T-150, + others Tier 8: IS-3, 110, T32, AMX 50/100, T54LT, Obj 416, RU251, 13/90, + others.
  4. I agree but it wouldn't be a bad idea to shorten the grind to research equipment while increasing the grind to get to the next tank. Having a player grind through a stock tank doesn't help the player or the team. Extending the grind in a fully researched tank would give players an opportunity to learn how to play the tank. Impatient players would still use premium time and free XP to skip through tanks. Ideally, the extended grinds would increase the number of games played, and hopefully skill and experience, before players got into their first tier 10 match.
  5. Come by our TS and check us out. We're a low pressure casual clan for platoons and strongholds. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/459232-join-the-dark-side-empyr
  6. Hey Doc, I work shift work and from time to time am on either early in the morning or late at night depending on my shift. Come by our TS if you're looking for a platoon or want to check us out: udder.ts.nfoservers.com
  7. Right click > Save Image As..! It's like quitting crack, don't relapse! J/K - look us up if you do.
  8. EMPYR - Dark Side http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000021911/ udder.ts.nfoservers.com Who Are We? We are a new clan but our members have a history of playing together in several different prominent WoT clans. Where are we right now? We're a casual clan focusing platoons, strongholds, and working on personal missions. Clan Wars are not on our radar but if the membership expands and calls for it, we will raid the global map from time to time. What are we looking for in any possible recruits? (Minimum Requirements) - 50% Overall W/L - 52% Recent- 1200 Overall WN8 - 1400 Recent- Tier 6 and
  9. EMPYR - Send me a PM in game or stop by our TS. We're just starting out but this isn't our first rodeo. udder.ts.nfoservers.com http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/459232-join-the-dark-side-empyr
  10. I never check the contest forums on WoT. Glad you posted this because I entered it and won some gold and other stuff. Thanks!
  11. Hey Mx, a few of our guys didn't meet the reqs when they applied. They hung out on the server, platooned, legionnaire'd in strongholds, and brought their stats up until they qualified. That to me showed me how much they wanted to be part of the community and were willing to work for it. Visit us on the server and talk to an officer. - dread
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