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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say that this is a pretty good change if WN8 is ever to stay alive and relevant. Now it's only up to stat tracking sites to adapt, or they'll most likely die out. Godspeed XVM lads.
  2. Existing tanks stays the same. I haven't been posting here, after just sharing it with Kitten personally. Though, I'm not sure about progress on the values. :^) // Main Branch -- Normal tanks missing Name ID Tier Type Nation Status Name_ID VK 100.01 P 19729 8 ht german new G115_Typ_205B Mäuschen 18705 9 ht german new G110_Typ_205 Pz.Kpfw. VII 19473 10 ht german new G92_VK7201P // Main Branch -- Premiums missing Name
  3. Just sharing it here if other wants it; 0.9.17 // Main Branch -- Only playable by supertesters -- Probably new addition to the premium shop Name ID Tier Type Nation Status Name_ID KV-122 49921 7 heavy ussr test R133_KV_122 Object 257 50433 10 heavy ussr test R129_Object_257 VK 65.01 (H) 59409 5 heavy germany test G122_VK6501H T92 Lt 57889 7 lt usa test A99_T92_LT Chrysler K 58657 8 heavy usa test A115_C
  4. Fuck WN8, it's all about winrate.
  5. Hmm, looks like @Kitten forgot to multiply T-54 values by x5.
  6. New Swedish T8 TD prem id: NAME ID CLASS TIER NATION NAME_ID Strv S1 52097 TD 8 SWEDEN S22_Strv_S1
  7. Should also mention the price for the value DLC.
  8. New Russian HT: NAME ID TIER NATION CLASS NAME_ID Object 252U 49665 8 ussr heavyTank R134_Object_252U http://tanks.gg/wot/tank/-252#tab:model
  9. No, I'm absolutely dead serious. It has been decided that the WN8 values will be split up into nations, where you have to pay to unlock the WN8 for each nation. For now, it's only the Swedish tree, till the account indication system is fully operational, and after every stat site has been notified. This is to get some revenue for the 12 hour per day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year work, that is being done on the values. Free labour doesn't come cheap my friend.
  10. The Swedish WN8 Value Pack is priced at 49,99€, or 79,99$, per account. Please PM for more details.
  11. Cum on @Kitten don't let me down.
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