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  1. Finally get a spare moment to chat only to discover that chat is kill :doge:

    :doge: 7

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    2. Roku


      Great, my gigabit fiber connectionis getting installed tomorrow. Installation free waved and only 40$ a month for the service :kappa: 

    3. Siimcy


      Getting 100mbps soon installed and I live literally nowhere 4Head Quite the improvement of my current 15mbps. Also cheaper than what the price currently is 4Head

    4. Deus__Ex__Machina


      wew your alive :disco:

      and why he hell dose it seem like everybody everywhere is getting fiber internet except me? :feelsbad:

  2. No access to a 12x12 scanner and the print shops won't do it for me because copyright, so I had to just take some better pictures until I can get my own scanner ._. Just a couple of my fav sleeves, aside from Photon's which I adore all of; Posters from inside the IRIA sleeves; Shitty photos, but one side of the MAZE OVA special edition thingie is etched and it looks fabulous, but it's hard to catch with a camera; Since my collection weighs like 25kg I'm going to have to leave part of it in the US and bring
  3. Good luck friend, always enjoyed chatting with you.
  4. Well, there's a shitty story there I bought a nice LD player from Japan and was having it imported, customs seized it for some reason, so I never got it. So I basically had a TV and Audio setup ready to go for my LD collection (also for ripping purposes), but never got the player. Hopefully going to rectify that if I can track down one of the good models in Japan (again). Was a barely used PIONEER CLD-O7G for~300$ with working remote. I've forgotten a fair amount of what I researched but there's a handful of models that are very sought after due to their playback quality and right now th
  5. I'm more or less an anime historian and these are my precious commodities These are basically vinyl sized disc sleeves that have art on both sides and have a lot of inserts with things like cast interviews, more art and adverts from their time. This is a boxed set of Photon, a show that Shinya Takahashi was character designer and chief animation director on (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=3568). Here's some of his more recent work too.
  6. 2 weeks and I'll officially be living in the Motherland Taking my 40lbs of laserdiscs and all my gunpla with me is proving problematic in terms of logistics, I may have to leave some clothes behind to make room RG Sinanju is an okay kit but the balance is not very good. Pretty much gotta have a stand for it to stay upright. MG Sinanju on the other hand is very well balanced.
  7. This is the Gundam bar I found, someone wrote a blurb about it so I'll just link it; http://www.tubbygaijin.com/otaku/bar-78-a-gundam-fans-bar-in-den-den-town/ Great place to get trashed if you're on a date with the ultra-rare Gundam loving girl
  8. Last night I found a bar that's decorated in Gundam. Has all kinds of mobile suits mixed in with the bottles on the shelf. The doorman is a human-sized Char's Zaku II. Will try to remember to get pictures when I go back
  9. Ultima Online & Everquest - Started playing UO in late 97, was so enamored with the idea of an MMO at that time that I spent 12+ hours a day in it for several years, despite being in HS at the time. Did not get much sleep and skipped a lot of classes, same for EQ. These games had such a big impact on what kinds of games I would later enjoy, how I interact with people, and they also sent me on a 13 year journey that culminated with me working for SOE (the people that made EQ) and even working on a few expansions for the game. I still go back and play Everquest for brief periods of time
  10. Saw the completed Psycho Zaku from Thunderbolt today at the store. Pretty kit, very big too with all its gear and boosters. Melonyan is pretty tasty! (Youkai Watch)
  11. It is, it's a HGUC kit so for its monumental size it's not terribly pricey. I fondle the MG Sazabi box every time I'm in the store. I have the Sinanju and want it so badly!
  12. Got a Zeta Char out of the best gachapon ever; My friends challenged me to the stacking Totoro game and thought I couldn't do it. All those fine motor skills developed from building Gunpla didn't let me down! Thought this was hilarious. The 18,800y Neo Zeong kit. I'm 2 meters tall and have big hands Bonus; even the trains are kawaii af
  13. I have an MG Sinanju that I've barely gone past opening the box of cause it's too intimidating, lol. RG stuff is about what I'm comfortable with right now. I'd like to have an MG or PG of every one of Char's mobile suits on my shelf eventually.
  14. Was on my way to the Gundam store in Osaka when it started to rain so I popped into the Lawson's to pick up a Rilakkuma umbrella and found this folder set for ~8$ in a display by the snack food aisle, figured some people here would appreciate; And some cheap but neat extra loot from the Gundam store; Eat shit feddies!
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