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  1. The Everquest time-locked progression server goes up today at 3pm PST! The game will be as close as they can make it to the vanilla 1999 release and will be that way for a minimum of 6 months ;o)

    1. JoreyTK


      Thanks for posting this. I did the initial first progression but having the planes unlocked after 2 weeks left a stale taste in my mouth... freaking neckbeards. I did also try Project 99 which was fun.

    2. Roku


      Daybreak (formerly SOE) actually endorsed P99 recently; https://www.everquest.com/news/project-1999-daybreak

    3. Roku


      I believe the current setup for the TLP is 6 months vanilla, 6 months kunark, 4.5 velious, 6 months luclin or something like that. There's a FAQ out there for it somewhere

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