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  1. Doodman

    Type 59 Fan Club

    curious about the rammer as well. before the buffs you talked me into taking it off, should I put it back on? also I agree: this is playable again
  2. I haven't quit but I refuse to give any more $ to this company until arty is nerfed into the ground or removed altogether
  3. Wotlabs is FULL of anti clicker what are you talking abt?  The topic is totally welcome.  plus they do play one handed so why do I get a warning?

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    2. Private_Miros
    3. Britzz


      Dafuq? Why you ranting at me?

      If you're bad @ posting it's not my fault m8, I just answered politely at your bad topic, others wouldn't be so polite

    4. Doodman


      Pfft I was kind and gentle compared to a crap ton of posters on this forum.

  4. Perfect thank you, didn't see that
  5. I don't know if this is the right place to post? i know I'm a shitter but the more I improve the more I HATE clickers. HATE everytime I get clicked I have to let them know how much I hate. That being said I don't get mad when I get outplayed by a regular tanker. but something is up with clickers because I've noticed two things: 1. have any of you noticed an increase lately in clickers in randoms? I'm seeing 3 per team almost every battle sometimes even more ( I'm on west server and play mostly 8-10) 2. Along with an increase in clickers I'm seeing more clicker trash talking, you know how they one shot you and chat 'oops' or 'oh sh1t' more clickers playing and more trash talking tells me a clicker nerf is in order
  6. Doodman


    Good players do very well in it, when played correctly, and it's more tough after the buffs
  7. Doodman


    Thx for the link. I'll be checking to see if he's streaming question, when you talk about side scraping with the 113 how much do you angle it? More or less then say, an e100? I guess relative to other tanks that are good at it
  8. Doodman


    I saw a thread somewhere recent where people were saying since the buffs the 113 is great in pubs and even being picked up in clan wars ( over the is7?!). I'm a shitter as it is and I'm extremely shitty in the 113. Buffs or no I can't do well in it. I getter penned way to easily and the gun handling is awful. I almost rage sold it the other night after bouncing round off a clicker. yes I try to hide the lfp and I try to keep a distance so enemies can't aim for weak spots and I definately am mindful of height as in don't let people shoot down at me. I just either can't do damage or get rekt trying I'm interested in anyone giving tips on how they drive the 113 esp after the buffs p.s. I'm pissed because before the 113 I was working towards blue stats and the 113 and my stubbornness not to walk away from it put me back in green
  9. All the shitter renters just enabled me to get 3 MOE in it. Not hard to outplay 95%
  10. Got 2 MOEs in my KV5 earlier this month. My best performance in any tank and only one I've been able to get 2 MOEs in. I think my recent wn8 in it is hovering around 2k but it is climbing. Fun tank for sure-my comfort tank
  11. All I've ever done is solopub, I have very few platoon battles, probably less than ten with my brother. 18.5k battles of solopub wow
  12. Thank you I appreciate the math...revealing in other news, wtf happened to you? why so angry? If you read my other posts I freely admit I'm a shitlord, never insinuated other wise, yet I'm a pretty cool dude overall. Didn't expect this from bulls
  13. I said 500 ISH! I get a +/- 100ish error margin (which gives me another 100ish margin and so on)!
  14. Tin foil hat time... Just decided for various reasons (a week ago-hundredsish of battles) to NOT renew my premium, which I have played continuously with for over a year. wn8 and WR since then have taken a nose dive -7/8% WR and -500ish wn8 Please someone explain the math correlation between a paying customer having a WR and wn8 boost I declare shenanigans! I know if I renewed my premium things would return to normal WG = YOU GIVE US DA $ OR WE MM SKRU U!!!!11!!!!!!1!
  15. forgot to mention I was tier 8 in tier 10 battle. I blocked a m103 from getting shots off at allied t34. Like I said, one pen from the 103 on the t34 would have set us to near 0 and a loss as they were capping. Disclaimer: I fully acknowledge I'm a greeny shitlord and consistency IS my main problem. I followed up my 67% wr Sunday with a 30% Monday
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