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  1. Tačno godinu dana otkako nisi tu, nemaš to pravo!! :P


  2. T54LT is utter trash. There I've said it.

    1. garryallen


      its better than a t44, which is an ok tier 8 med, but mm kills it. i only play the tier 8 scouts because they are fun, the tier 9s are better in almost every single way. scout mm is kinda dumb tbh

  3. no_name_cro


    Could be interesting if it wasn't developed by Gaijin. Come on, 440 mm of penetration is a bit overkill at the moment.
  4. I agree Jesse, it's totally useless. I still have night terrors from not being able to escape raging IS-3 pubbie.
  5. Am I the only one here who thinks for Swedish crew voices they should record voices of @Kolni, @CoolOff or some other guys from here who know Swedish?
  6. Doubt they'll nerf it. Remove from shop? Sure.
  7. no_name_cro


    So I noticed they added T62 in WT. 440mm of HEATFS is biggest joke I've seen in a while.
  8. WG doesn't nerf premiums for a long time. Something about a law that you have to get what you pay for.
  9. Engine, turret ring, ammo rack, gun and gunner die a lot.
  10. It does look solid, but on the other hand it's a paper TD...
  11. There is a reason why Russian Lada never breaks down - there's nothing to break.
  12. @It's_Matra quick question - is it possible to set default sniper zoom without XVM? (you know, when you press shift to zoom at x2 instead of last used zoom)
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