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  1. Tačno godinu dana otkako nisi tu, nemaš to pravo!! :P


  2. T54LT is utter trash. There I've said it.

    1. garryallen


      its better than a t44, which is an ok tier 8 med, but mm kills it. i only play the tier 8 scouts because they are fun, the tier 9s are better in almost every single way. scout mm is kinda dumb tbh

  3. Could be interesting if it wasn't developed by Gaijin. Come on, 440 mm of penetration is a bit overkill at the moment.
  4. I agree Jesse, it's totally useless. I still have night terrors from not being able to escape raging IS-3 pubbie.
  5. Am I the only one here who thinks for Swedish crew voices they should record voices of @Kolni, @CoolOff or some other guys from here who know Swedish?
  6. Doubt they'll nerf it. Remove from shop? Sure.
  7. So I noticed they added T62 in WT. 440mm of HEATFS is biggest joke I've seen in a while.
  8. WG doesn't nerf premiums for a long time. Something about a law that you have to get what you pay for.
  9. Engine, turret ring, ammo rack, gun and gunner die a lot.
  10. It does look solid, but on the other hand it's a paper TD...
  11. There is a reason why Russian Lada never breaks down - there's nothing to break.
  12. @It's_Matra quick question - is it possible to set default sniper zoom without XVM? (you know, when you press shift to zoom at x2 instead of last used zoom)
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