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  1. Completed FO4... Hype was overrated TBH.

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    2. gabse


      After I finished FO4 I played Witcher 3. The Witcher is probably the best gamer ive ever played and it made Fallout look like a joke. I regret spending 60€ on that game. Overhyped game with shit and boring story, shit graphics and nearly no actual side quest lines.



    3. no_name_cro


      @gabse Side quests? You mean another settlement needs my help? LMAO.

      About actual game, I haven't been playing other Bethseda games except Skyrim, and FO4 looks like what Battlefront is to Battlefield 4 - a reskin.

    4. RutgerS


      It has been one reskin after the other, starting from oblivion :doge:

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