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  1. I just find it silly because it's what a lot of people judge "skill" off of. I really couldn't care less about it, personally. I just play to have fun, and try to win. I tend to play very aggressively on my light tanks so I either have a fantastic game, or I die in the first minute. Especially since I am almost always solo pubbing. I just thought it was strange that it's still what people look at and it really doesn't account for true scouting at all. I'm really just looking for a better tool to judge my long term performance.
  2. I find it almost criminal that a game where I did 5,170 spotting damage and 870 damage, ends up as 1,221 WN8. Meanwhile, a game where I did 1,108 damage with a charity frag is 2042.... Is there a reason WN8 hasn't adjusted to give spotting damage more weight?
  3. Which way should I head first on this tech tree? I was leaning towards the lights. Thoughts?
  4. This might be the most useless tank I've ever played. And there are a LOT of absolutely terrible tanks in this game. It just ....drives around fast. That's literally it.
  5. So if this system stays, what's the best way to prep if I have a bunch of 2-3 skill crews spread across like 40 tanks?
  6. To think I just came back after a couple years off, too.... They just keep fucking shit up.
  7. Yeah, this sounds like total shit. Seeing as most of my crews are 2-3 skills, sounds like I'll get fucked hard. Thanks for the breakdowns.
  8. Well that's pretty typical. Odds are, this is a money grab, and nothing more.
  9. The crew grind is absolutely terrible. Playing without sixth sense is rage inducing. Getting clowned by people with 5 skill crews in tier 5-6, while you're trying to rank up the first skill, absolutely blows. I have no idea if this will help casuals/new players, and I'm sure WG will fuck it up. But, as a casual, who mostly sucks, I think some kind of change to crews was needed. The difference in effectiveness between a 1 skill crew, and a 3 skill crew, is pretty fucking enormous. And, let's be honest. Tank effectiveness at higher tiers, with 5 skill crews, is pretty absurd.
  10. Arty are even more cancer, IMO. The splash damage radius is too large, and every single hit takes out your tracks.
  11. Going to run a persistent ping to see if it is perhaps packet loss issues. That's what it seems like, anyway. It doesn't seem to happen when I am on USW. Only USE.
  12. The accuracy is fantastic, when it doesn't just randomly flake out. I have drilled some tanks moving across fields from 300m+... then missed tanks from 100m broadside with fully aimed shots. I really don't understand what happens on some misses. I'll be zoomed in on a tank, with the whole tank actually overlapping my dispersion circle, and for some unknown reason, the shell just vanishes... Should I turn on server reticle?
  13. So, I'm improving in this tank, however, I just find it lacking, especially for a premium. Penetration is just so meh... even with HEAT. It is completely out of place in T10 games. I also have a huge number of inexplicable misses that is driving me INSANE. Like, the tank is entirely within my reticle, sitting still, and it derps a shell into the ether... This, in typical RNJESUS fashion, always seems to happen to a tank I would finish off, or a soft target. Of course. I find the lack of acceleration and top speed really annoying, coming from fast mediums. There are faster heavies... It ma
  14. I plan on going up the french line next, and I wanted a good tank for farming credits. Seemed like a win/win. Even underperforming right now, I'm making more profit in this tank than any others.
  15. This is actually my only french tank...so I didn't even have that option. lol
  16. I know why I'm struggling. Pretty simple, really. 1) I haven't finished my first crew skill yet, so I don't have sixth sense. 2) I'm playing way too aggressive for not having sixth sense... Can't be taking up the positions I'm taking up without it. Stupid on my part, but the only tank I play regularly without it. 3) This tank is at the mercy of MM quite a bit. I have to pick my spots a lot better when I am bottom tier. Play as a vulture instead of trying to drive the lemming train to victory. Tier 10 tanks dominate it. 4) I need to get accustomed to the shell velocity on th
  17. Man I suck pretty hard with this tank. I'm not very good in general...but I just struggle with this tank.
  18. My biggest thing is the fun factor. There is nothing fun about playing a T8 that has trouble penetrating T10s even from the sides and rear.
  19. Yeah, I was mixing up the T32 and T34. The T32 is totally useless in T10 games with sub 200 pen.
  20. Except a T34's gun is useless against most T9/T10 opponents unless spamming premium. Right?
  21. They should limit T10 MM to T9/T10. T8s in T10 games is fucking garbage. Very few T8s can contribute anything in a T10 game. Especially when it's 10 T10s, a few T9s, and the lonely 1-2 T8 fodder.
  22. This is easier said than done in World of Corridors™. Most maps just don't seem to be very friendly towards the T69. Meaning, most of the engagements are head-on brawls with little to no flanking options available. You pretty much have to sit back and wait for the dust to settle to be able to contribute. Unless you enjoy handing out Steel Walls. I didn't think I was that bad at this game, but maybe I am. Judging by the colors of my ...ratings...in my profile? lol
  23. I'm really not sure what there is to like about this thing The gun handling and penetration are both pretty awful. On a 4 shot autoloading medium, with mediocre mobility....that's a death sentence. It needs gold just to be viable. Even shooting gold, the bloom kills this tank.
  24. Shadivak

    M5 Stuart

    Might as well just remove this tank from the game. Completely destroyed what was a pretty damn fun tank to play. Was the howitzer really a problem on this tank? Seriously? That new autoloader is probably the worst gun in the game. A 5 round burst where only the first shell hits the target....cool.With T3 penetration... Zero alpha. Zero penetration. Nerfed maneuverability. Nerfed view range. ALL it can do is drive around and spot, and even that ability has been substantially reduced. The fact that it sees T7 games? Sold.
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